Friday, September 28, 2012

A week in the life of Hannah

My Princess Hannah Banana Before Ballet Class. She also takes hip hop but this was Ballet day!

Before Class

And Again...

This is how dance mom's have to watch the class practice, we aren't allowed to stand at the door and watch or to go in the room because we will distract the children, whatever makes them think that?? :)

A big part of the start of every day is getting Hannah's hair done for school, now you may think this just involves a brush, well you would be wrong! Hannah's hair is long and how smooth my day will start all depends on how much conditioner was used or if Hannah was a wild sleeper that night... or... if she mysteriously got some foreign object lost in her hair... you know... dried chocolate milk and such!

She wanted a bun today. I don't know why. I don't ask questions. I just get the hair finished as quickly and as stress free as possible so that we can get out the door and to the school on time!

Miss High Maintenance!

Before school one morning Hannah neatly made some of her babies a bed on the floor and put them to sleep for the day. Hey... Why can't I stay in bed all day too?!?
And when Hannah plays outside, she discovers things... Here she found an old soda can top in the dirt, she was like "MOM WHAT IS THISSSSS".... So my kids got a history lesson of the soda can. On closer inspection of where she found the top, she said there were teeny tiny people walking around in the cracks of the dirt. We've yet to be able to dig them up! She has the greatest imagination this child!!


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