Saturday, September 22, 2012

Always Reminiscing About London

Even though I am blessed with being able to go to London often, I still pine for it when I'm not there, I just found a few photos, a few of my favorites of London....First, I adore red phone boxes, I don't know why, there is just something about them... I collect them now, and last Christmas my boyfriend even got me a red phone box tea pot!
These trees. I mean look at these trees. Just growing and minding their own business in East London.
A peek through at St. Paul's Cathedral...
This was my first walk across the Millennium bridge, yep... been to London so many times and didn't get across this bridge. See... The thing about London is, once you go you fall in love with the city straight away and you want to go back to your favorite places... So It's my goal to see more and more of the city each time I visit. Because once I live in England, real life will take over and I'm sure I will only find time for my most favorite of places again! (Tower Bridge :)
Here's a photo of the Shard before it's completion this past summer.
And if you look closely at the little dots on the Shard... those are window cleaners... I bet it was windy and FREEZING up there!
Me In Trafalgar Square.
And a wonderful old pub we passed along side the Thames walking from the Millennium bridge to Tower Bridge... we didn't stop for a meal or a drink, but we had a peek inside and it was old and antique looking, smelling a bit musty and wonderful... that old English smell...

And of of my all time favorite photos... This little guy was in a park in London, I gave him my Ice Cream cone and he ate it! There are some very friendly squirrels in parts of London! They will sit on your lap and take peanuts right from your hand! This one was in Victoria Park, In East London.

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  1. London has so much to do that I've lived here for over 2 years and still have a list of places yet to see. Lovely photos :)


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