Monday, September 10, 2012

Frame Covered with Tube Maps From London

I love tearing paper, I don't know why, it's just my "thing", and though I'm okay with how this frame turned out, I think I might go for a more "wrapped" look with the paper next time. Anyway, I started with a pile of ripped map pieces from the Tube in London
I put a coat of gesso on the frame before I started to add the pieces of map with Mod Podge.
The Left Corner is to Heathrow in London... a place of memories!
I wasn't greedy with the Mod Podge... the more the better!
Starting to dry...
For the life of me I could not get a decent photo of my frame, but I put a picture of my partner at Tower Bridge in this frame. I plan to make more and I'm sure my technique will get better with each try.
And the top... All around I added pieces of map, I didn't actually do the back though, I didn't see the point at the time, but now thinking about it, I will do the back next time so that if the back of the frame is showing on a table or shelf, it doesn't look tacky.

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