Monday, September 17, 2012

Parenting isn't for wimps!

Parenting isn't for cowards. I write this after I just had "words" with my son. I feel quite proud of myself that I did not once lose my temper. Easier said than done when your teenager is being a rude mouthy smart aleck, like telling me to "shut up", well, that's not as rude as he got, but.... Parenting is... IS hard work! The easy part was the baby stage & the sleepless newborn nights!!!!
I think one of the mistakes we make as a parent is letting our pride get in the way, freaking out and saying "How dare you speak to me like that!!!!"... Isn't the answer. I've learned, It's best to walk away, and let our actions speak, as actions are so much louder than words! There are always consequences to how we behave, I believe if our teenagers behave badly they need to NOT be screamed at but to suffer where it hurts... These days it seems that losing an electronic device is what would hurt the most but with my son it's hunting or going to the ranch. He actually told me tonight he's not a kid anymore and I can't ground him!! I guess when he's home looking at me or the four walls this weekend he will know that I meant business! It really felt good not losing my temper tonight.

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