Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costume Catastrophe

Hannah wanted to be "Cotton Candy" for Halloween, I think they call it "Candy Floss" in England... Anyway, so I bought the cotton that goes inside of pillows to dye pink, so it could be wrapped around around Hannah, we had this great costume all planned out... problem is, that "cotton" is really "polyester"... I couldn't find cotton. Well here it sits in the container looking like it was absorbing the pink dye...
But when the fluff was removed from the container the dye just seeped back out and eventually went white again, polyester doesn't hold color well, at least we couldn't get it to hold color. So we decided to opt for spray paint. We couldn't find pink, well that's not true, we found neon pink, and dark pink, but nothing light that will work for cotton candy. Alas... we decided 3 days before Halloween was not the time to stress about costumes and Hannah settled for...
La La Loopsie! She tried the costume on, it's tooooo cute, the wig has hair that shoots straight out the sides, I can't wait until she's all dressed up for trick or treating! Andy's costume is going as planned and he will be a creeper... unless you have a child lost in the World of Minecraft now and again, you will have no clue what a creeper is!
YES!!! I got my copy this week! Do I have time to read it? No... But I plan to read it on the plane to England.
My current stack of books asking to be read. The top 2 books aren't books I would normally buy, but my mom gave them to me for a read. We'll see.
Look what I found at Ross for $4.99. It's "Ginger Orange"... and I can't even begin to tell you how good it smells.... I keep opening it for a sniff... I think I might use it as a shower gel, it really does smell THAT good!
Every year, for the last million years or so... Million meaning about 16 or so years, I have been saving special  papers and art work from each child for each school year, I manage to only keep it to one folder a year per school year, unless it's special art work, but with 5 kids, the folders have added up... I've always wondered what other mom's do and how they save up school work. Joshua actually saw a paper from Middle School of his that I was scrapbooking and he took it! Goes to show... kids do like when you save their old stuff!
This was a complete unauthorized purchase, I of course authorize my own purchases so I really must have a word with myself... But I have wanted this color of Essie Nail Polish since I saw it in Essentials magazine in England, it's called "Penny Talk"... the other pink was for Breast Cancer awareness so I went ahead and got it, it's called "I am strong"... I promise myself that these purchases must not happen again, Save Tammy...... S A V E... You are moving to England and will need that money. Oh and on that note... You will see more products from England in Walgreen, Why? Because Walgreen bought out the British Chain "Boots", so you will see a lot more products crossing the borders.
Now this is actually what I went in for... Bath Gel and I was VERY happy to see that Walgreen now sells "I love" products... yay! This smells so good I can't even explain it, you just want to jump in and swim in mango and papaya! :)
Okay now look at this price... I could not pass this up, I found this where I work so I got an additional 15% off, since I'm currently working on a London scrapbook, how could I say no to a Double Decker bus? I mean $1.19? Isn't that *almost* free? No? Okay well... I couldn't pass it up anyway!
Hannah played dolls this weekend and La La Loopsie just cracks me up, must be the hair!
Who do you think makes the most messes around here?


  1. Hi Tammy, I found you through little red suitcase. What a busy life you lead. I am a scrapper and thrifter also. Love to create something out of nothing. Turning the unloved into the loveable.
    The way to store a lifetime of memorabilia, in my opinion, is in a plastic file box. One for each child. Hanging folders inside it. One for each year/grade. Of course, this might not be the best for you with a massive relocation happening. For this situation, I would scan and store the school work, digitally, only keeping the articles and items I know I will want to use on scrapbook pages.
    Happy Halloweening to your young ones.

  2. I love the idea of a cotton candy Halloween costume. Too bad the color wouldn't stick. I'll have to keep that in mind, because I'm wanting to try dying fabrics sometime too!

  3. I would have thought the packing would have dyed too? I guess pink netting filled with stuffing wouldn't look the same.


  4. What a shame about the Halloween costume, but I think Hannah is going to look so cute in what she's got picked out now. All the school work I've kept is just stored in boxes in the loft, I should really go through it and see what's up there.


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