Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unofficial Wedding Photos :)

It's a very emotional day for a Mother see her child getting married, even if you say you won't cry. You cry. The hardest part not crying during? When the Bride comes down the aisle with her father and then stands there staring in to your son's eyes... and you're like... "That girl loves him as much as I do!!"... My son chose well and his new bride, my new daughter is simply divine. In all ways.
Joshua was so nervous we honestly thought he was going to pass out at the Alter, but Texas heat doesn't help and they got married at the San Antonio Botanical Garden Center, so after he took off his Tuxedo jacket and someone got him some water... he was okay. They were both nervous. They got married on their 4th year anniversary of being a couple. They looked so young to me, so innocent... and so happy! Here they are after the ceremony with the Lady that married them and greeting people.

Here is the Ex-husband and our two youngest, Andy and Hannah....
The Gardens were having a dinosaur display, so you can just imagine the delight of the children!
My oldest son and his FIANCE!!! I have another one getting married!!!! What the?!?!Isn't he gorgeous though?
And the groom... My 2nd son, the gorgeous Joshua... I'm afraid I have no good ones of my Christopher, he's 16, and the little stinker dodged the camera... BUT I know the photographer got him! :)
Hannah was so excited about her big brothers wedding that you would have thought it was her getting married! She was hopping all over the place all morning, so I have to include lots of my one and only girl... Come on... after 4 boys, I worked hard to get my girl!!
Can you tell she takes Ballet?
My girl and I.
Those red marks on my Hannah's face? Those are paper cuts, from a paper drink holder, she was putting it in her mouth while she watched TV in the van... she's a nut! Oh and last but not least... Rocco... He's our boy Schnauzer, I'm afraid he wasn't invited to the wedding... But isn't he a cutie? We don't have him properly in a "Schnauzer" cut because we live in the Country and he goes mental when he runs outside in the tall grass and always messes up his hair!


  1. Fabulous happy photos. Your new daughter in law looks beautiful and Joshua very handsome, they make the perfect couple. May they have many years of happiness together. It looks like the perfect place for a wedding. My Daniel is like Christopher, always dodging the camera. He's 17 so it must be their age. Hannah looks gorgeous, every inch the little princess. Glad you didn't miss Rocco out, though I think he'd have made the perfect ring bearer.

  2. What wonderful photos and delicious memories of the whole family! Glad the weather turned out and made the day even more perfect for such a special occasion! Hugs.

  3. super photos. This time last year we were getting prepared for dd and son-in-law's wedding it was such an exciting time for all. Hard to believe nearly a year has passed by.

    The couple do look very happy, wish them the best from me.


  4. Looks like a lovely wedding :) Congrats to your Son and your new Daughter in Law.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am your newest follower..
    Magie x
    Ps: Rocco is very cute indeed!

  5. Beautiful photos, the couple both looked lovely and so happy, and your daughter looked like a gorgeous princess :) x

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments, you're the best!

  7. Such a beautiful wedding and family!! Congratulations!!!



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