Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why do I blog?

Because THIS is my happy place.
Let me explain that, before people start to think that I have no other joy in my life!

When I blog I can focus on the positives in my life, I can not only share them but I can remember them, I can be reminded that life IS good.

There are many negative people in my life. Particularly family. And to be honest, when you're constantly around negative people doesn't that just rip at your being? Doesn't it just make your soul weep? And doesn't it just zap every single cell in your body of all of it's energy? Don't you feel as if you have to constantly defend yourself? See, normally if I were around a negative person in general, I would ignore them... Or seriously, I would say something positive... But when it's your family you just want to take your head and let it become "one" with the wall, over and over... bang bang bang... whap whap whap!!
Onto a quick thought... Wouldn't it be cool if we could have images appear in real life? I mean we all need to EMPHASIZE our points sometimes! I need theme music like in the movies! (I crack me up)...
So Back to Negativity (Helpful hints on dealing with negative people right HERE!!)
I don't do Negativity well. I honestly don't. I need positive, I need uplifting and I need encouraging people around me. Therefore I blog. Sure... we all have a crisis in life now and again, we all have sadness and we all face tribulations in life, that's not what I'm talking about here... but I do want my life to be focused on what's good and not the bad. The bad might make us strong. The bad might make us grow. The bad might even slightly change us. But the bad can't strip of us of our true joy, if we are honest and we search our lives, there is always SOMETHING to be positive about, always something to be grateful for.
I believe that Negative people are self centered people, I believe they are unhappy in their own lives and feel they are some how entitled to something in life that they didn't receive. I believe they are so deeply sad in their hearts that they cast that negativity in the direction of others. Oh and don't believe it when a negative person tells you they aren't negative but they are "A realist"... I'm living in the real world, I know real. I know how to be positive in the "real" World.
When I live in England, I want my adult children and my family to be able to look on my blog and see the positives in my life, that doesn't mean I will never post heart aches, but it does mean that I am going to focus on the good, and when I read other blogs, 9 times out of 10 I find that others are doing the same things. I don't go to other's blogs because I want to bring them down, or because I want misery. I read other's blogs because they are happy places, filled with love. Even on their bad days, I see much love.

I blog because I want to capture the very essence and good in life.
I blog because I want to focus on the positive in life.
I blog because it makes me truly look at my own life and focus on what I want or don't want. What I need and don't need.
I blog because I want to share my children. My pride. My gifts from God.
I blog because I love people and I truly believe that people desire to be good (I want to meet these people)..
I blog because I love meeting new people.
I blog because it's my own little controlled piece of creativity and focus.

After all life is so unpredictable and blogging is a nice place to relax.

My life is in limbo. I'm at a cross roads. I haven't been accepted into a University in England yet and I have my partner of nearly 5 years there. I don't want to marry yet... But I do want to move there. My partner and I decided long ago that it would be me that crossed the pond, and I'm super happy with that! So I save my money, nearly every penny, and I wait for an offer ... I'm unable to decorate as I want, I'm unable to feel grounded or take root, I'm just in limbo sorta speak. So I NEED positive in my life!

What motivates you to blog?


  1. It's not easy being positive all the time, but the only way we can ensure our happiness, improve our health, and be an inspiration to others, is to try and be as positive as we can as often as we can. Positivity begets positivity, just as negativity begets negativity... therefore, by surrounding oneself with positive people, ideas, and emotions, everyone can achieve a little bit of that positive spark... if blogging is where you receive that joy and positivity that you need to make it through tough times, then there is nothing wrong with that at all... if something you say on your blog, or if you view or read something on someone else's blog makes you feel good, then there is nothing wrong with that... blog on and keep up the positive attitude! I'm sorry you haven't been accepted into the University, just remember, applying for University is like applying for any job and sometimes it takes a while for these things to work out the way you hope, but persistence is the key to "reaching your dreams/goals"... hang in there... good things come to those who wait, nothing will pass you by that isn't meant to be... and if you can't decorate everything you want, just take one little thing about your place and make it yours with adding just one little thing that when you look at it each day, it will cheer you up and give you hope! Hugs.

  2. I really do try to be positive and look on the bright side of things. My sister was diagnosed with Cancer and spent three years of hell before she died because she was so consumed with it all. I was diagnosed with Cancer the year after her death and I vowed that I would think positively. Don't get me wrong, I had my off days, I don't think we would be human if we went around every day with a smile on our faces, it's just not possible with everything life throws our way, but I approached the illness in a different way to my sister. I probably wouldn't have done so if I hadn't seen how sad her life was for those three years. She could have had a better quality of life if only she was a little more positive, but I know that not all of us are the same, and I think it's easier for some people than others. We're going through the university application process at the moment too. Daniel is in his last year of A levels now and then he's hoping to get a place studying Physics with Astrophysics so he's making his final choices now of which universities he want's to apply to.

  3. Blogging is a creative outlet for me. I'm just amazed (and wasn't expecting) the friendships I've made.

    Love the first pic. Gotta put our thoughts somewhere... :)

  4. Just wanted to drop by to say thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm glad you found a few projects you enjoyed.

    P.S. I promise I was very humane in cutting up that book in my book clutch tutorial. ;) I was just giving an old book a new life. Please share your creations with me if you give any of my projects a try. I'd love to see them!!

  5. Awww, I hope that you do get to move over to UK permanently. Did you know that universities in London are a lot more expensive (3x more) if you're a foreign student? Maybe move over here and then apply?

  6. Hi Tammy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging and positivity. I'm all for being focussed on positivity! And I love to visit blogs with similar thoughts : -)


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