Thursday, November 29, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter?!

This is what can happen when you jump on a trampoline barefoot!! Of course I thought she had shoes on... silly girl. Thankfully her foot is not broken, she badly sprained it, but it looks like her Christmas dance recital is going to be a no go!

I broke my leg this past summer so I'm so glad she didn't break hers! I'm also glad I wasn't out of town when this happened.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guilty English Pleasure

I'm home!
Back in Austin Texas... London & Texas must be complete opposites now that I think about it.
It was a perfect night having my daughter & son snuggle with me all night... perfect sleep.
Now for my guilty pleasure!
When I'm at home I don't watch TV, I'm being completely honest, I may watch the odd movie or a cartoon if Hannah insists. I'm just not interested in television nor do I have time for it with studying and school, kids & housework. If I have "me" time, id rather do a craft. And I detest reality tv. My point????
Its so unlike me... But I LOVE a lot of British tv! Doctor Who (yes please).. Eastenders (4 days a week:) ....But my seriously naughty addicting tv moments? Watching...
So bummed I left before I saw the new king or queen of the jungle! Thank goodness for "Daily Mail" online!
I hope David or Ashley win. And how cute is Dec???? Phhhwwaaaaa!!!
I read The United Kingdom faces its coldest winter in 100 years and you have a big freeze on the way after all of the horrible flooding you've endured. Stay warm and safe my British friends.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas in London

There is so much I want to blog about concerning London and my trip here to see my cockney... I don't want to forget anything, so much has happened, but I will reflect once I'm back in Texas, for now I will enjoy London & my partner.
Today the cockney and I celebrated our Christmas together, hes always so good to me, he got me some great English gifts and a matching pearl bracelet and necklace. He's so lovely!!
My Cockney found London wrapping paper just for me... He said he found it weeks ago, where he gets this stuff, I have no idea!
I love our little tree... It's silver but once turned on went shades of blue...
TC got me a book I've been wanting about this side of the East end of London.
The things My Cockney had in my stocking... That one thing  with the Union Jack on the left is a wristlet... Love it!
My gifts, I have actually wanted one of those shower feet :)
My "Big" gift this year, My Cockney got me a matching pearl bracelet and necklace. It's lovely.
Christmas Crackers!!
The Used Christmas Crackers!

Monday, November 19, 2012

English breakfast... Yes please!

The cockney always makes me toast & tea or a full English breakfast, I feel my thighs growing as I eat :)... I will exercise when I get home... (cough)... I always pass on the fried bread, though it is typical as part of an English breakfast, so are pan fried tomatoes!

Have you tried the cadbury cream cheese? Its not nutella but not bad!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas in November

My cockney and I, as you know, are in a long distance relationship right now. Because of this our holidays are not always on a normal calendar! So we have our Christmas together this year the same day America has their Thanksgiving ... My cockney got us this little tree a couple of years ago, its so teeny but it does the trick! Its one of those fiber optic doo-das (Technical term)...
My children are with their dad over Thanksgiving, I do miss them, but they have a belief that their dad walks on water! He is a wonderful father and they are in very good hands.
Guess what I'm doing in London today?! Studying!! Semester is nearly over though & I have such a full week planned I don't mind. I love school anyway.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Every day life in London

Yes, London IS Glamorous.
Yes, London IS Amazing.
Yes, London is one of the greatest cities in the World.
But to many, London is just... home.
It's every day life of working and raising family.
These are typical East End, London flats...

I've been missing for a couple of days so first I want to thank Ms. George at Life at the Coop for my Liebster Award, Thank you for even thinking of me. And I will accept and do what is asked of me :) I'm currently visiting and with my partner right now, so as to not take away from our time, I have been hanging out and enjoying him at home in the East End. But I do look forward to accepting this.

So a sneaky little blogging while The Cockney watches man TV (sports).

For my American friends "Cockney" isn't a naughty word, it's a person that is from the East End of London. My partner was born and raised in the East End of London. He's cockney through and through. And I've even managed to learn a bit of cockney rhyming slang!

Today was the Broadway Market. I like markets, well... I like this one. There is a bit of everything and today was a crisp and cool day, just perfect if you ask me. I love the foggy wet days of England, MANY English people don't get this, but I live on the surface of the sun in Texas, so England is a brilliant treat!

Broadway Market... You can get fish..
Homemade Gifts...
You can even get some underwear! (Hope those are new and not used)... Ha!
Fun stuff...
And apparently The Beatles...

My Awesome Finds... Bansky Art Poster and 2 little plaques.

I love Regents Canal... You must be able to duck and dive quickly with approaching bikers and joggers... but it's still one of my favorite places in London. This is where I go to just relax and think of ... absolutely nothing. It's my down time. Did I mention I love this place? It's not glamorous, it's not overly clean, it's not perfect. But it's perfect for me... My little slice of Regents Canal is near Pownel Road in Hackney, but it's actually over 8 miles long!

Fancy some jellied Eels? No thanks, but I did have this delicious pie and mash for lunch the other day... LOVE me some good pie and mash!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

East London

I'm here! Worst turbulence EVER! So bad that putting a drink on your tray meant it would go splashing out! ............Which reminds me of once when we left Hawaii we lost an engine in the air, we then had to circle Hawaii dumping fuel into the Pacific ocean because it was dangerous to land with a full tank? Crazy right? But true story! This flight was bad.... good service and British Airways is a fantastic airline to fly with but seriously.... I nearly threw up for the first time ever on a plane!

Praise God I'm in one piece!

Ahhhhhhh and back in my city! After a 45 minute tube ride and 2 buses we finally made it to our part of East London... near the canal... near London fields.

We always go grocery shopping and out to lunch when I first arrive, after first dropping off my luggage and saying a proper "hello" to each other.

So off to Dalston.
Then Pound Land.... I love the pound shop!
Then Iceland...
Then my most favorite grocery store in England.. Sainsbury's.

And for all Americans, you may want to sit down for this.

You have to bag your own groceries in England!! No one to do it for you! I always let this slip my mind until I go buy groceries! And don't even think anyone is going to help you to your car IF you have one. It's so expensive to drive and have a car in London so many people take all their groceries on the bus or get a cab. We are so spoiled in America. If we see anyone walking after grocery shopping in the States we think something must be wrong!

But I got some of my English favorites!

*PG Tips Tea
*Yorkshire Puddings
*Galaxy Chocolate
*Prawn Crackers
*Prawn Cocktail Crisps
*Cathedral Cheese
*Radox Bubble Bath

Then a cuppa when we got in!

But alas, after my delicious cup of tea,I fell asleep on the couch! My poor boyfriend! But in my own defense I didn't sleep on the flight and took xanax for my nerves!!

Now I'm awake and he's sleeping!! What's wrong with this picture??

Hello jet lag! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My 10 Year old is at it again!

When I left to run errands I came out to *now* find this on my van, under the windshield wiper! He cracks me up! What a lil turkey bird!! (Upon speaking with him when I returned home, he said he was trying to ride his bike in the driveway & I was in his way so he fined me $1)... Its better than a lizard I suppose!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happiness is a Choice

This has been me this week...
Studying this subject and others. Doing extra work so that I don't have to worry about homework while I'm in London.

My heart is heavy today. Very heavy. I do my best to keep to myself, to not get into the affairs of others and to mind my own business. I'm not perfect and I do often have to catch myself. But if a child or another human isn't being neglected or abused, I really believe we should keep to ourselves. If we do find ourselves always meddling in the affairs of others, I think we need to reassess our own lives to make sure we aren't avoiding our own problems.

It's especially hard when you have a family member that is constantly criticizing you and constantly finding a reason to put you down. I honestly believe that negative people believe that they some how have not received something from life they feel they are entitled to. Not that they should actually work at happiness. God forbid. And because of their deep rooted self hate, they choose to take it out on others or to attack or find bad in everything. Of course, this is my opinion. My blog can have my opinion right?

I need to have a positive word with myself, that in order to deal with very difficult, negative and spiteful people, we must decide that we should instead feel sorry for these people, that they feel the need to cast doubt, judgement and hate on others. That we need to pick ourselves up and decide that THESE negative and hurtful behaviors aren't going to be part of our own personalities and fight hard to not be the person we gather so much pain from.

This particular person, attacks me or puts me down often. It's hard to hold my head high. It's hard to remain positive. I am only human. And the attack is often on one of my children.

I should not have to defend myself constantly. So I don't. People will believe what they want to. I just need to carry on. Put on my big girl panties and seek the best revenge... which is... To be happy.

So... On to my happy place.... :)
This is what Hannah and I started and the paint must be put on with a stick!! So it takes time and we still aren't finished!! Our Thanksgiving Craft.

Today. Sunday. Monday and then... I'LL BE ON A PLANE TO LONDON on Tuesday!! This is how the British wash their underpants...

I can't wait to see my bridge... I'm sure Queen Elizabeth will one day give it to me, as she has so much already!!
My partner makes the most delicious meals, here is one of them... Ahhh and the wine... I drink white, he drinks red...

I WILL STAY COMPLETELY AWAY FROM THIS SWING! When I was in London this past summer I had a little go on this swing... and ended up with a broken leg!
Yep... My foot got caught in that grate, and my leg went one way and the swing went the other!
I plan on returning from London this time with no broken bones... And my happy happy photo?? Hannah knee deep in dolls!! Yes, she does actually dress in her dance clothes at home sometimes...
(Yes, those are still unpacked boxes :)... And alas... My sleeping Princess...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, And I hope you have a fantastic week as well... I know I will. I've already decided :) Happiness is, after all. A choice.