Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas in November

My cockney and I, as you know, are in a long distance relationship right now. Because of this our holidays are not always on a normal calendar! So we have our Christmas together this year the same day America has their Thanksgiving ... My cockney got us this little tree a couple of years ago, its so teeny but it does the trick! Its one of those fiber optic doo-das (Technical term)...
My children are with their dad over Thanksgiving, I do miss them, but they have a belief that their dad walks on water! He is a wonderful father and they are in very good hands.
Guess what I'm doing in London today?! Studying!! Semester is nearly over though & I have such a full week planned I don't mind. I love school anyway.


  1. that's so cute, love the fibre optic trees.......

  2. Happy thanksgiving and Christmas! Long distance relationships are not fun.

  3. (snicker) many moons ago when I lived in Scotland, we had a "silver" tree too, (wasn't fibre optic in those days though)... brings back memories! Cheers.

  4. I just read through your most recent London posts - how happy you are here!! Hopefully your jetlag has subsided by now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ;)


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