Wednesday, November 14, 2012

East London

I'm here! Worst turbulence EVER! So bad that putting a drink on your tray meant it would go splashing out! ............Which reminds me of once when we left Hawaii we lost an engine in the air, we then had to circle Hawaii dumping fuel into the Pacific ocean because it was dangerous to land with a full tank? Crazy right? But true story! This flight was bad.... good service and British Airways is a fantastic airline to fly with but seriously.... I nearly threw up for the first time ever on a plane!

Praise God I'm in one piece!

Ahhhhhhh and back in my city! After a 45 minute tube ride and 2 buses we finally made it to our part of East London... near the canal... near London fields.

We always go grocery shopping and out to lunch when I first arrive, after first dropping off my luggage and saying a proper "hello" to each other.

So off to Dalston.
Then Pound Land.... I love the pound shop!
Then Iceland...
Then my most favorite grocery store in England.. Sainsbury's.

And for all Americans, you may want to sit down for this.

You have to bag your own groceries in England!! No one to do it for you! I always let this slip my mind until I go buy groceries! And don't even think anyone is going to help you to your car IF you have one. It's so expensive to drive and have a car in London so many people take all their groceries on the bus or get a cab. We are so spoiled in America. If we see anyone walking after grocery shopping in the States we think something must be wrong!

But I got some of my English favorites!

*PG Tips Tea
*Yorkshire Puddings
*Galaxy Chocolate
*Prawn Crackers
*Prawn Cocktail Crisps
*Cathedral Cheese
*Radox Bubble Bath

Then a cuppa when we got in!

But alas, after my delicious cup of tea,I fell asleep on the couch! My poor boyfriend! But in my own defense I didn't sleep on the flight and took xanax for my nerves!!

Now I'm awake and he's sleeping!! What's wrong with this picture??

Hello jet lag! :)


  1. Why on earth did you head to Hawaii? Are you going to be able to get back on the plane?

    We used to shop a lot at Iceland, it's mainly frozen food, right?

    I hope your body clock gets switched around for you.


    NOW GO TO BED...........

  2. Glad you arrived safe and sound! Cheers!

  3. You made me laugh - you Americans can be amazingly lazy!!!(only joking) Pack your own bags already!!! And whilst we watched the awful Hurricane Sandy and felt such sadness for those affected, we did comment that the good folk of New York who had to do without petrol might not have even considered walking! Seriously though, its so amusing to hear what differences you notice between your country and England. I have to say that when I have been to America, even though we speak the same language (kind of) I feel more like I am in a foreign country than I ever do in Europe. Hope you slept well xxxxx


Thank you for your positive comments!