Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's November 4th already?!?!? I only JUST got my Halloween pictures uploaded to the computer!!

Happy 40th Anniversary to my Parents!!!

I went to Sams to buy peppermint bark and what do I also find????? EXCEDRIN!!! Its been off of the market for months and months! Its like the BEST headache medication on the planet!! How can I be so excited? I get bad headaches, so bad I had a breast reduction to try to help... it helped a little... anyway... happy dance!
We took the kids to see the movie "Whack-it Ralph"... totally worth the money.

Did you know Disney bought out Lucas Films? For Billions. Disney has officially taken over the World.

This peppermint bark is for my new pal Selena... I will meet her in London soon. I will trade her for a Galaxy bar!! :)

So... Until next year October...
It's starting to look a lot like Christmas.... (You know people must think us Bloggers are a little crazy walking around taking photos of random things)... This was Sams yesterday... I think everyone forgets Thanksgiving and sort of hops to Christmas, oh and Target... yesterday they were taking down all of their Halloween and adding Christmas, I love their Christmas selection, it's good every year... Sams Club is a big warehouse where you can get cool items for your business or home... and you rarely get out of there without seeing something you want to buy!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I find it really difficult to think that everywhere Christmas items are already being displayed... I mean, in one way it is exciting, but I find by the time Christmas comes it can be really tiring to see all the decorations, and listen to the same songs playing in the same stores, over and over again! I think Christmas is special but the commerciality of it has gotten a bit much... where's the true meaning? Cheers...

  2. lol I actually have tears in my eyes!!! You found it!!! I'm so excited!!! Doing the happy dance right now!!! And not just because of the peppermint bark but because we get to meet up face to face soon!! You are a doll!!! See you soon!!!


  3. Ha ha! If you have an attachment to a kind of medication, make sure you bring lots and lots with you when you move here. I bring two years worth of stuff from South Africa whenever I go over!

  4. Hi Tammy, I actually tried to make some peppermint bark last christmas. I'd never heard of it before reading blogs, I think it was an American blog. Anyway it worked, good for presents, (not for migraines though!) Heather x


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