Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guilty English Pleasure

I'm home!
Back in Austin Texas... London & Texas must be complete opposites now that I think about it.
It was a perfect night having my daughter & son snuggle with me all night... perfect sleep.
Now for my guilty pleasure!
When I'm at home I don't watch TV, I'm being completely honest, I may watch the odd movie or a cartoon if Hannah insists. I'm just not interested in television nor do I have time for it with studying and school, kids & housework. If I have "me" time, id rather do a craft. And I detest reality tv. My point????
Its so unlike me... But I LOVE a lot of British tv! Doctor Who (yes please).. Eastenders (4 days a week:) ....But my seriously naughty addicting tv moments? Watching...
So bummed I left before I saw the new king or queen of the jungle! Thank goodness for "Daily Mail" online!
I hope David or Ashley win. And how cute is Dec???? Phhhwwaaaaa!!!
I read The United Kingdom faces its coldest winter in 100 years and you have a big freeze on the way after all of the horrible flooding you've endured. Stay warm and safe my British friends.


  1. What??!! The coldest winter in 100 years? So what happened to global warming and where is Al Gore when you want to tar and feather him???!!!

    I've never seen the show you mention, but British TV is all we watch. One of our daughters was asked once if she was British. It was simply all that Brit TV influence. LOL They're just way funnier and the actors seem like real people, not glamorized (or as they would write in jolly ole: glamourized). :-D

  2. So sorry, I meant to say 'Welcome Home' first of all and then got distracted with the British TV stuff. :-)

  3. Good to see you're home safe and sound :) I do like a bit of jungle, my guilty pleasure, I had hoped Rosemary would win, but alas my hopes were dashed last night! I didn't know about the weather prediction, brrrr... x

  4. OMG we've had bad winters the last couple of years, I don't want another one. Hugo left the jungle last night, I'm hoping that either Ashley or Charlie win.


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