Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happiness is a Choice

This has been me this week...
Studying this subject and others. Doing extra work so that I don't have to worry about homework while I'm in London.

My heart is heavy today. Very heavy. I do my best to keep to myself, to not get into the affairs of others and to mind my own business. I'm not perfect and I do often have to catch myself. But if a child or another human isn't being neglected or abused, I really believe we should keep to ourselves. If we do find ourselves always meddling in the affairs of others, I think we need to reassess our own lives to make sure we aren't avoiding our own problems.

It's especially hard when you have a family member that is constantly criticizing you and constantly finding a reason to put you down. I honestly believe that negative people believe that they some how have not received something from life they feel they are entitled to. Not that they should actually work at happiness. God forbid. And because of their deep rooted self hate, they choose to take it out on others or to attack or find bad in everything. Of course, this is my opinion. My blog can have my opinion right?

I need to have a positive word with myself, that in order to deal with very difficult, negative and spiteful people, we must decide that we should instead feel sorry for these people, that they feel the need to cast doubt, judgement and hate on others. That we need to pick ourselves up and decide that THESE negative and hurtful behaviors aren't going to be part of our own personalities and fight hard to not be the person we gather so much pain from.

This particular person, attacks me or puts me down often. It's hard to hold my head high. It's hard to remain positive. I am only human. And the attack is often on one of my children.

I should not have to defend myself constantly. So I don't. People will believe what they want to. I just need to carry on. Put on my big girl panties and seek the best revenge... which is... To be happy.

So... On to my happy place.... :)
This is what Hannah and I started and the paint must be put on with a stick!! So it takes time and we still aren't finished!! Our Thanksgiving Craft.

Today. Sunday. Monday and then... I'LL BE ON A PLANE TO LONDON on Tuesday!! This is how the British wash their underpants...

I can't wait to see my bridge... I'm sure Queen Elizabeth will one day give it to me, as she has so much already!!
My partner makes the most delicious meals, here is one of them... Ahhh and the wine... I drink white, he drinks red...

I WILL STAY COMPLETELY AWAY FROM THIS SWING! When I was in London this past summer I had a little go on this swing... and ended up with a broken leg!
Yep... My foot got caught in that grate, and my leg went one way and the swing went the other!
I plan on returning from London this time with no broken bones... And my happy happy photo?? Hannah knee deep in dolls!! Yes, she does actually dress in her dance clothes at home sometimes...
(Yes, those are still unpacked boxes :)... And alas... My sleeping Princess...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, And I hope you have a fantastic week as well... I know I will. I've already decided :) Happiness is, after all. A choice.


  1. I am so sorry you're having to deal with that negativity. It is hard to stay positive when that type of thing is ongoing. But you are right. The best revenge is to make the decision to be happy. That person is the one obviously, who has a problem. And some people can't stand to see happiness in others. That is their loss.

    You have a fantastic time in London!!! Lucky you. I would love to be arriving in London on Tuesday (Wednesday)? There are so many more photos I want to take! Enjoy every minute and don't get your foot stuck in anything!♥♥

  2. Hi Tammy... good for you for trying to keep up a positive attitude... we cannot be responsible for what others feel, say or do, we can only be responsible for what we (as in me, myself, and I), can do... ouch, broken leg, I broke my collar bone once! Cheers!

  3. Happiness is absolutely the best choice in such a tricky situation. I can't believe you broke your leg being a big kid- that is so cruel! Have a fantastic time in London. I'm do jealous!

  4. Good for you. It's often hard to keep smiling when you're dealing with these type of issues, but it's worth it in the long run. You'll be pleased to hear that it's warmed up again here, you may not need your gloves afterall. I drink white wine too, and my hubby drinks red.

  5. Yay! You're almost on your way! I hope you have a super time here. Alas, I have flu (not even just a cold, but real flu) and doubt I'll be out and about much this week. Very sad.

    As for the person who is hurtful to you, I will pass on the advice I gave to my sister-in-law in relation to my mum-in-law. Now I get on with both women just fine but they don't get along together. I told SIL she is the only person who can give someone the power to hurt her, so she can remove that power from them. As soon as she said in her mind, "Enough! Who do you think you are to try hurt me like that?" then she took away my MIL's power to hurt her anymore. It allows you to hear what the other person is saying, understand when they are being badly behaved or manipulative, but it robs them of the power to hurt you because you no longer give them that power.

    A bit rambly, sorry. Did I mention I have flu? :)

  6. Yes! Happiness is a choice & so is who we choose to spend time with!

    I like your bridge. My daughter & I got to see it in person. :) Enjoy your trip!!!

  7. I am excited for you as well........hope the weather will be good for you.



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