Thursday, November 1, 2012

It was a great night!!

Thank you for all the great comments, I actually freak if I see a cock roach so I thought it was perfect for Halloween! Now we get to decorate for Christmas (Yay!)... It was a great night last night for the kids, they were ready to stop trick or treating before the parents were! Andy was a "Creeper" (From the computer game Minecraft) Hannah was LaLa Loopsie... her wig was too cute!
Happy November... It's going to be 85 degrees here in Texas so it doesn't feel like Autumn... But I get to enjoy the real autumn with the pictures on the great blogs I follow!


  1. Glad y'all had fun! Can't believe it's so warm there, lucky you! Hugs.

  2. Great photo. Glad you all enjoyed the evening.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Halloween is so different with you to here. Not many people decorate here, I think I am the only one in the street. But was so pleased with my effort - so were the children that visited.
    we are certainly enjoying a "real autumn", clocks have gone back and it is dark by 5, grey days with rain and wind. Lovely, after the summer we have had would rather be with you!!

  4. Tammy, can you leave me a comment with your email address, so I can send you an email re: Swagbucks,


    P.S. won't publish your comment.

  5. Such cute costumes! That wig is fantastic! The weather wasn't too great here, so we only had a handful of trick-or-treaters. Boo! lol!

    Have a great weekend Tammy!

  6. A little late, but I hope you had a great time and 'hello' November.

    Nina x


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