Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 10 year old has a date.

Let me rephrase that.

My 10 year old "THINKS" he has a date.


First of all, I'm going to rant... what the heck is an elementary school doing having a "Barn Dance"...???!?!?!

We are forcing our children to grow up way too fast.

So Andy has been coming home from school for days saying he's trying to find a date for the dance, I laughed... and told him he wasn't going. I thought he was kidding.

Until tonight when he told me that a girl said yes.

WHAT?!?!?!!? What 10 year old girl's mother would let her go?!?! I told Andy he is not going. I wasn't kidding about that part. He has no business going, there is no reason for a bunch of kids to stand around preparing and getting used to the idea of dating, children on Friday evenings should be riding their bikes until mom yells for them to come to dinner. 10 year old's should be asking for extra computer time and trying to get out of chores, 10 year old's should NOT be thinking about dating. Period. End of.

What have we done to our children? I didn't even think about boys until I was about 13, even then it was just a giggle... I didn't have my first real boyfriend until I was 16. When I say "real", I mean we were allowed to go to a basketball game together.

Ya... My 10 year old doesn't have a date. In fact, he has one job in life... and that's school. That's all he needs to think about. He's my 4th boy. This is not my first rodeo. I guess he will learn the hard way. This momma doesn't let children play grown up until it's time.


  1. I love the line "this is not my first rodea". Stick to your guns mama!

  2. Way to put your foot down Tammy... teach those men when they are young because goodness knows they won't change when they get older! LOL.

  3. was this an after school activity? If it was very strange for them to think about doing this (the school oficials) in the first place if you ask me?


  4. I feel your pain! Craziness!
    Was that ever a teachable moment :/


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