Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Peanut on crutches & Jet lag

I wake at 3am, 4am... decide to just stay up at 5am. I'm ready for bed at 7 or 8pm. Jet lag is seriously kicking my rear end. Is it my age? I'm always a bit down after leaving The cockney, which is expected, but I've been home 4 days and I'm still on England time, I don't usually have such a hard time. Is it harder the older we get? Winter approaching probably isn't helping with its early evenings. I need to force myself to stay up tonight. To get on American time.
There is so much I want to share/blog about England & I seriously miss reading blogs, its a treat for me to see the beautiful photos, read positive words and see the creations others are making. As soon as I defeat my jet lag... all will be well!
We are putting up our Christmas tree today. Yay!! The kids are excited but Hannah is worried about helping on crutches. I told her I'd hold her up and we'd go as slow as she needs. She's a pro on her crutches, better than I ever was! But she is seriously very bummed about not being able to perform at her Christmas dance recital. I won't let her take chances with her foot and told her I won't let her risk further injury. She can continue dance when she's all healed up and there will always be other recitals, but she only has one little right foot.
Happy first day if December!


  1. Hello Tammy. Sorry you're having a bad time with sleep and jet lag problems. Hopefully it won't last long. We've just put our tree up and it looks really cool even though I say it myself. Can't wait to switch the lights on tonight. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  2. such a little trooper with her crutches. I found it harder last time with jet lag and it does feel worse when you get older.


  3. So sorry about your little one's leg... no doubt she'll be up and about real soon! Been a long time since I traveled so no sure about jet lag... but as we get older, I have to admit, a person does tire more easily! Cheers.


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