Saturday, December 15, 2012

British Food. TWO.

When covering any foods from any Country, it's not possible to include everything all at once. After all, Americans take their BBQ very seriously, but if you ask a Texan, someone from New Jersey and someone from South Carolina about BBQ, you will get 3 different answers! The foods I include here are the ones that I found to be so very different from American Culture in Texas!

One of my favorite British foods is a delicious Curry.
WAIT... CURRY'S AREN'T BRITISH! You're right. However, they are taking on their very own in England and if you want a good curry, I'd say visit one of the trillion Indian Restaurants in the UK. There are many many Indian and Pakistan people that live in the UK, and luckily they have brought the divine curry with them. I have heard many traveling English tell me that they have to return to England to get a good curry! My favorite is the Korma... made with coconut and chicken. HELLO!
Find out more about "British Curry"... British curry house terminology
Now I have to add something about the British Sandwich. I don't think I have ever heard it called a "Sandwich" in England. They use the term "Roll" or "Sarnie".... A sandwich that I discovered when I lived in England for 4 years was the egg and cress roll. Delicious! 
Another sandwich that the British eat that American's might turn their nose up at... A cucumber sarnie. Don't knock it... they are great! I always put some long slices of carrot on mine as well.
Cucumber Sandwiches are as English as The Queen! (I'm sure she's had a cucumber Sarnie!)
Lets see... Lets move on to the Condiments. I prefer these over the American ones to be honest... Like Mint Sauce on Pork instead of cinnamon apples/sauce we use here, I prefer HP sauce over A1 Steak Sauce, I prefer Salad Cream over Salad Dressing (Just a touch, don't go crazy... but mix it all in the salad evenly... YUM).. We bought this HP Sauce in November, HP joined in supporting "Movember"... Love it!
Vinegar. Some of the British have been known to drink this by the bucketfuls. Okay I kid I kid. But as an American I don't even have this in my pantry, however when I visit the Cockney, we put it on a lot of stuff... especially chips, fish, breakfast....
If you haven't tried Salad Cream. Well. Just try it! It's kinda sweet. Kinda tangy. Kinda mayo like.
So yummy on pork!
This one is news to me... I just found it by accident actually while on line. Tomato Ketchup with Vinegar. I'd give it a go! (Those British and their vinegar!)
As I did mention that The Cockney puts vinegar on his breakfast, we should give breakfast a special "go", you see, a full English Breakfast is a beautiful thing, and a bit different... well, a lot different than the American  breakfasts, first of all, we have different bacon. American bacon is long and fatty and thin, where as English bacon is kind of like... hmmm meaty and sort of reminds me of Canadian Ham... sort of. But not really. Anyway, British Bacon is divine. It's one of the few reasons I can't be a Vegetarian :)... oh and beans... Americans use baked beans as a BBQ dish when we throw meat on the grill, where as the British have baked beans for breakfast and even put it on toast for lunch! SAY WHAT?!!?!?! Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's delicious!

With every good breakfast, or lunch... or... any time during the day... The British have a cup of tea. I have my tea with 2 sugars and milk, I never even fathomed putting milk in warm tea until I got to England.... and we aren't talking Lipton here people... I love PG Tips, it's my favorite English tea, I had a taste for Earl Grey for awhile, but if you want a good cuppa... It's PG Tips, you can get it here in the States now, it's pricey, so I still bring mine home after a trip from London.
 Now here is another interesting fact about the British... they aren't apposed to dipping things into their tea. You know how us "Yanks", grab a glass of milk and dip our cookies in? Well in England you can dip a biscuit in... their biscuits are cookies, (unlike our biscuits which are more of an unsweetened flaky bread roll). The Cockney even dips KitKats into his tea... when he has tea... So what are the best biscuits... oh these of course...Digestives!
Regular or Chocolate. Depends on my mood... But I have to control myself, I can finish a pack in 2 days!
Lets see... What else have I found to be very different from the way we eat in The States? Ah yes... They call 7-up and Sprite type stuff "Lemonade", where as Lemonade in the States is just that... Lemons, Sugar and Water... They also mix Robinsons (and other brands) of concentrated flavored drinks into water to make them into a yummy glass of... something that is sort of like our koolaid, but better... Here are my 2 faves...
And I discovered a new vegetable in England, we might have them in the States, I have no idea, but I have never heard of them, they are called Farrows  and they are like these massive huge peas, they are so delicious with fish and chips... Or you can have mushy peas, which is just that... peas all mushed up, but I like Farrows.
Last but not least, I would like to add, that I discovered a white wine in England that I love, I LOVE the taste of it, I have never really been a drinker because I hate the taste of alcohol, but this is sweet and fizzy and so tasty ... And it's a cheaper wine called Lambrini... only 3 pounds a bottle or something like that, but it's really good... The Cockney prefers Black Tower...

In closing, I have to say, the English... Well... They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!


  1. This is very interesting. I had no idea some of these things were unknown in the US. Like, Americans don't eat much vinegar? HOw do they manage :D I like to put processed peas in stews but they are also very nice with sausages. I think our sausages are also different.

  2. What a fun post! I can't tell you how many Digestives and Cadbury bars I ate and how many Full English Breakfasts Kevin ate while in England! I ate at a wonderful Indian restaurant in Cirencester but don't remember the name of it. Delicious. But runny eggs and toast soldiers at the B&B? Yikes. Not for me. I did notice a lot of unusual-to-an-American items on the shelves at Sainsbury. And as much as I love England, they really don't know how to make a good pastry. (IMHO, of course). :-)

  3. It's so funny reading a post about English food through an American's eyes. All this stuff, I just take for granted. Leeds isn't far from Bradford, which is the curry capital of Great Britain, but it's such a waste as the rest of my family won't eat curry. I love it. Apple sauce is the traditional sauce to eat with pork, mint sauce goes with lamb, but I have to say that I love mint sauce on anything, perhaps because it's vinegar based, you're so right about that, I love vinegar. What do you have on your chips if you don't have vinegar? I can't believe that you don't have beans on toast over there, it's a staple here.

  4. Hi Tammy very interesting post.We live close to the curry mile here in Manchester.We tend to go once a week for a curry. My daughter likes Korma while i love Rogan josh and the other half madras.
    My brother in law likes Mint sauce sandwiches!! I know weird, but he tells me there lush.

  5. Tammy, what a great post! I adore curry and we live very near Bradford so often eat out there. I totally take for granted how great the curries are here.

    I have never put vinegar on anything but fish and chips - certainly not breakfast!

  6. British curry sounds like an oxymoron to me, but good to it's good there. lol!

  7. You must have vinegar on chips - its the law!!!
    Beans on toast is a staple, even better with brown sauce on (I prefer Daddies to HP as it is a little hotter)
    Basically to us a sandwich is made with slices of bread and a roll is a roll (sub, baguette etc)
    I'm a veggie but still like a full english breakfast, just without the bacon and sausage.


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