Wednesday, December 12, 2012

British Food

Ahhhh British Food.
I love most of it, Only the eel make me think.... "Wait wha???"...
But mostly, I love it. Here are my favorites.
Lets start off with a food that should be eaten at least once a day... :)
Cadbury, If you ask me, is by far, the best Chocolate on the PLANET! An American company recently bought out Cadbury, so lets all hope it doesn't start to taste like Hershey!
I discovered this one last month... OH MY GOSH. Perfection in a Wrapper!
A second close to being as wonderful as Cadbury, is "Counters", they are a luscious galaxy chocolate, when you eat them, you will have to remind yourself that you haven't died and gone to heaven. Galaxy chocolates are the 2nd greatest on the Planet. In my humble opinion!

This blog is already making me want to break out some chocolate! Another Galaxy Chocolate... Minstrels. They are chocolate in a hard chocolate shell.
As you can see I have greatly experimented with British Chocolates, but I do not regret a day of it :)       Curly Wurley (My kids favorite)... Chocolate covered caramel.
Galaxy Ripple... Proof God loves us people...
Chocolate covered swirly chocolate airy chocolate goodness... Why do we need men with all of this chocolate? Oh ya... To catch Spiders :) The Cockney bought me 4 for my stocking. They were gone in a week! (I hang my head in shame :)
More perfection from Cadbury Is the Flake bar, it's messy....very messy, but very delicious. The British have been known to stick these delicious delightful flake bars into their ice cream... right through the top of the cone!
Other chocolates that must be named... Strawberry Bon Bons and Cadbury Buttons
Now that we have covered the most important edible items ... Lets move on to the crisps. The British take their crisps very seriously, I think most of you know by now that what we call potato chips are crisps in the UK. I find the Walkers "Prawn Cocktail" to be my most favorite crisp, however I discovered some other very interesting ones while visiting London last month, I don't think I'd eat Lobster or Goats cheese crisps, but these picked onion are quite nice, not so much a crisp... but in the same category.
Lobster Cocktail... I just don't know....
My personal favorite. Prawn Cocktail. DELICIOUS!
What goes best with prawn cocktail crisps? Why a cheese and beet root sandwich of course!
 There is a delicious brand of cheese called Cathedral Chedder Cheese that I love to make my Beet Root and Cheese sandwiches... Don't knock it until you try it! And aren't the tiny milks containers cute?? I love them, I've brought a couple of the cleaned out milk containers home for my daughter to play with in her play kitchen. Just too cute. I'd need 10 a day for my kids though! 
Speaking of Sandwiches, when I discovered the Sandwich shop in London called "Pret a Manager" I tried the most DIVINE sandwich, it's Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing. It might just be a special sandwich during the holidays, as every sandwich bought raised money for the homeless at Christmas.
Other meals that every American should try when visiting the UK?
Yorkshire Pudding for start... yes you can buy a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with meat, gravy and carrots or you can have Yorkshires on the side of your Sunday chicken or roast!
I believe everyone should have a go at Pie and Mash as well.... It might put a lot of people off with the green stuff, but that "stuff" is called "Liquor", it's very tasty and it's a gravy. The British pour vinegar all over it, They take vinegar very seriously in England, and the one that they use the most is more of a malt vinegar.

The Pies are filled with Hamburger meat and are really quite bland if I'm to be honest. It's the liquor and the vinegar that give this meal it's taste. It's perfect for a cold day though, and a tradition.

In some of the Pie and Mash shops you will find Eel. Yes. Eel. I hear it's "Quite Nice". I'll take their word for it. See the window display? EEL!
Since we've established that the British love vinegar... one of their favorite things to have with their vinegar? Fish and Chips... I'd like to say it's the other way around, but I swear my Cockney drinks the stuff!
Sometimes we will just get a portion of chips, they used to use newspaper way back in the day, but now it's plain paper wrap. I've covered a lot here so I'm going to stop and have a part 2 for another time, as there is so much to cover when covering anything British :) But I think I've covered the main things, Chocolate and Yorkshire pudding!!
Happy Christmas!


  1. I need to apologize, these photos are all over the place, they were so neat and organized when I did the blog and POOF... they decided to take their own place in the Que. I hope it's not too distracting!

  2. I love reading how you think somethings that we eat are odd or strange! Like vinigar on everything!! I am not that keen, but my husband is, I even have to pack a bottle if we go abroad on holiday!!
    My sisters partner works for Cadburys, which is based in Birmingham and that is why she has moved there. They had loads of chocolate in the house, a big bowl on the side table and then a box in the cupboard for me to choose from! Came home with lots. One new thing to look out for are buttons with caramel inside -they are delicous. Oh and we don't all like eels! My father in law used to fish them out of the river in the old days and always ate it, I took one look and said no thank you.
    Also I would never buy ready made Yorkshire puddings always make my own - much nicer.
    Looking forward to reading part 2

  3. Okay I'll go with the choclates-the rest...maybe an acquired taste-lol

  4. I had to laugh reading this post as most of these foods are things we take for granted. I think eels are more of a London thing, Jellied Eels. We don't have any of those eel shops in Leeds, as far as I know, and the pies filled with hamburger meat, well I've never come across those, nor the liquor that's poured over the top, but I do like steak pie and mash, proper comfort food. Cadbury's is my favourite chocolate too. Looking forward to part 2.

  5. Ah, brings back memories! Don't know if all the stuff you mention here is in Scotland, but when I lived there we did get a few of these things.... my favs were pickled onions from the fish n' chip shop (and yes, my dad and I would drink vinegar from the pickled onion jar - and I still love anything with vinegar), favourite hard candy was Toffee Doddles... on another note, sandwiches are called pieces, and yes I did eat beet root sandwiches as a kid, minus the cheese, and candies were called sweeties.... oh, I must stop or I'll be homesick! Cheers!

  6. So funny reading your post about our food....I too have never tried eels and hopefully never will! I'm with you on the chocolate Galaxy! We only have vinegar on fish and chips, nothing else. I have NO idea what the green sauce is over your Yorkshire's not the colour of gravy! I have a question for you....what is marshmallow fluff used for? I looked at it today and couldn't work out what it is!

  7. All those British treats look good to me. And Prawn Cocktail crisps sound good. Are they like salt and vinegar chips?

  8. I was raised on pie n mash - it is ambrosia. Traditionally the pies are filled with mutton. My GrandDad ate in Manzes Pie n Mash shop in Peckham at least a couple of times a week from when it opened in 1908 until he died in 1973. Jellied Eels were my Nan's favourite food - yuk.
    Our chocolate is good - unlike American chocolate, which I'm afraid to say I find rather bland.

  9. I am also a chocolate lover. What a great post Galaxy counters are sooooo nice they have only just brought them out of retirement after many years..
    And home made Yorkshire pudding is the best ,my friend who's dad was a Yorkshire man has it for desert with jam!! You have to try it it's delish.
    Can't wait for part 2.
    Looking forward to reading he rest of your blog.x

  10. Hi there - so good to see British food through your eyes. I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I was with American chocolate! XX

  11. I have a serious chocolate craving now. I do find the Cadbury's chocolate tastes better here in the Uk then it did when I was in Canada..not sure why that is though.
    I think I would pass on the eel as well.. I have seen the jellied eel for sale though around, but can honestly say it has never appealed to me.
    Curry sauce is also quite nice to go with the chips, when you get fish and chips..I just discovered it this year...sounds odd, but it is good :P
    Have a lovely weekend x

  12. Hi Tammy, its lovely to have you on board my blog and I have reciprocated.Looking forward to getting to know you through your blog! I loved this post, definitely agree about the cadburys chocolate being the best flavour ever. Coming from Yorkshire, nothing beats yorkshire puds with roast beef and all the trimmings too.

  13. All my favourite kind of chocolate.

    Nina x


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