Sunday, December 2, 2012

Years cannot keep true friends apart.

When I was with my husband he was in the US Air Force and we were stationed in England for 4 years, (1988-1992)...during that time, we made friends with a family that has remained forever ingrained in our hearts. We met them roughly 24 years ago when I was but a teenage girl, we both were starting young families and we both spent a lot of time together as family. We would have dinner at each other's homes and we would spend countless hours talking! Our friends lived in Corby, a town full of the Scottish, it was little Scotland, and it probably still is, and we weren't just friends with one family, we knew the extended family... The dad, the mom, the brothers and sisters.... Life was good. I learned never to ask a Scot if they were from England!

When we moved back to the States after our English tour we only kept in touch here and there, with the odd letter, the cards, the internet once it became available and the very odd phone call... My friend Jane went on to have 3 kids, and I had 5... We were busy moms, and we only ever got to meet each other's first born children.

This past trip to England brought me so much Joy, not only did Jane buy a train ticket to London to come see me, she brought her youngest daughter Megan. Let me tell you... It was as if I had never left, when you have a friend, a true friend, they are friends for life. You can see them at any point in life and pick up right where you left off. I only have a handful of friends like this, and I treasure them, I love them and I am so blessed to have them as friends.

I met Jane and Megan at Kings Cross Station, that wasn't easy, there are many sides to that station! But alas, we met, and I will tell you that my girlfriend hasn't aged a year!!!!! How is that possible??? She looks every bit of young as she did 24 years ago! So not fair!! She looked wonderful! And let me tell you something about Jane... She's had lifes problems, as we do... But this woman takes life by it's horns, and she remains positive, she seeks the positive in everything. She is my inspiration.

So we met at Kings Cross... We walked to Trafalgar Square and on the way... We passed the British Museum (YES PLEASE), so we stopped in. I'm a little ticked off that my camera phone didn't take better photos, but what can you do? I still have my memories right?

On our way.... What have they done to my Red English Phone box???? There should be a law against this! THE RED ENGLISH PHONE BOX SHOULD BE PROTECTED!!
 And here's something even stranger, someone actually USING a red English Phone Box! :)
Of course... We just had to. Here's Me and Megan...
Then The British Museum...
Isn't this harp gorgeous?
Mummy's kinda give me the willies...
 The inside of the Mummy...
 I was surprised at how short the mummies were, people weren't very tall way back when.
I bet he never thought he would end up here... In London... on display.
Ancient Writings...
Ancient Egyptian art and mosaics...

Looks like Mosaics that we might even do today...

A lot of these statues were missing noses, I guess that's the first thing to go during deterioration? And on the Roman statues there was something else that was missing... they did like to show their privates didn't they?
I bought these for Hannah at the Museum... "I love my Mummy"...
I wish this would have come out better....
Here's Jane and I after we left the British Museum.

Christmas lights walking towards Trafalgar Square... I love the old English brick roads...
This photo, I had to put up, as blurry as it is, because if you peer into it, you can see some green... and you can see Big Ben... The chimes of Big Ben are so beautiful...
Trafalgar Square at night...
I've seen this sandwich shop around... but never stopped in, until this night at Trafalgar Square when we were on our way back and stopped for a sandwich and hot cup of chocolate... Pret A Manger has the BEST sandwiches on Planet Earth!!!
This is the one we were at...
It's so hard not to stop at every single one of these in London... they sell the cutest things. Mostly over priced, but I do love the Union Jack... but they do see us Americans coming!
Last but not least...Buckingham Palace at night, I would have gone and knocked on the door, but I didn't want to be banned from the UK :)


  1. I love those mummy hair clips, and those shorts. Great to catch up with your friend.


  2. How spooky would it have been if we had been in the same place at the same time - and not known!!!!! I bet you had a great time with your lovley friend. xxx

  3. Looks like you had such a fun time in London with your friend :) It's nice to see the Christmas lights, I have never been to London during the Christmas season.
    The mummy hairclips are very cute.
    Magie x

  4. How lovely that you caught up with your friend again. I'm very envious as I have lost touch with my American friend who lived here for a few years in the late 70s. We were so close but she and her family had to return in 1980 to their home in New Jersey. We kept in contact for a while but life moves on and eventually we lost touch. I've looked on the Internet, Facebook, Friends reunited but no luck. Treasure your friend, I wish I had.
    Patricia x

  5. How special to meet up with your friend again after all this time. It looks like you had a great day together. My daughter would love those shorts.

  6. So fun to meet up with an old friend and pal around!!! Loved seeing a little of London through your lens... sigh... :)

  7. Wonderful to see your true friend again... they are rare gems! Lovely pics of London at Christmas! Cheers.

  8. I say Yes! You are so right about picking up with a true friend, the years evaporate.
    Great photos of London. When I was a little girl we didn't have a phone in the house, so had to use a red phone box whenever we wanted to make a call - kids today don't know what they're missing.

  9. So glad you guys could get together and have a great time. Also, people actually use phone booths there??!! I guess if they are as cute as the ones in Britian I might just use a phone booth too! lol!

  10. Great photo of the christmas lights in london

  11. I discovered pret a manger a couple of years ago and it's now my favourite too!


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