Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Have a frightfully awesome Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costume Catastrophe

Hannah wanted to be "Cotton Candy" for Halloween, I think they call it "Candy Floss" in England... Anyway, so I bought the cotton that goes inside of pillows to dye pink, so it could be wrapped around around Hannah, we had this great costume all planned out... problem is, that "cotton" is really "polyester"... I couldn't find cotton. Well here it sits in the container looking like it was absorbing the pink dye...
But when the fluff was removed from the container the dye just seeped back out and eventually went white again, polyester doesn't hold color well, at least we couldn't get it to hold color. So we decided to opt for spray paint. We couldn't find pink, well that's not true, we found neon pink, and dark pink, but nothing light that will work for cotton candy. Alas... we decided 3 days before Halloween was not the time to stress about costumes and Hannah settled for...
La La Loopsie! She tried the costume on, it's tooooo cute, the wig has hair that shoots straight out the sides, I can't wait until she's all dressed up for trick or treating! Andy's costume is going as planned and he will be a creeper... unless you have a child lost in the World of Minecraft now and again, you will have no clue what a creeper is!
YES!!! I got my copy this week! Do I have time to read it? No... But I plan to read it on the plane to England.
My current stack of books asking to be read. The top 2 books aren't books I would normally buy, but my mom gave them to me for a read. We'll see.
Look what I found at Ross for $4.99. It's "Ginger Orange"... and I can't even begin to tell you how good it smells.... I keep opening it for a sniff... I think I might use it as a shower gel, it really does smell THAT good!
Every year, for the last million years or so... Million meaning about 16 or so years, I have been saving special  papers and art work from each child for each school year, I manage to only keep it to one folder a year per school year, unless it's special art work, but with 5 kids, the folders have added up... I've always wondered what other mom's do and how they save up school work. Joshua actually saw a paper from Middle School of his that I was scrapbooking and he took it! Goes to show... kids do like when you save their old stuff!
This was a complete unauthorized purchase, I of course authorize my own purchases so I really must have a word with myself... But I have wanted this color of Essie Nail Polish since I saw it in Essentials magazine in England, it's called "Penny Talk"... the other pink was for Breast Cancer awareness so I went ahead and got it, it's called "I am strong"... I promise myself that these purchases must not happen again, Save Tammy...... S A V E... You are moving to England and will need that money. Oh and on that note... You will see more products from England in Walgreen, Why? Because Walgreen bought out the British Chain "Boots", so you will see a lot more products crossing the borders.
Now this is actually what I went in for... Bath Gel and I was VERY happy to see that Walgreen now sells "I love" products... yay! This smells so good I can't even explain it, you just want to jump in and swim in mango and papaya! :)
Okay now look at this price... I could not pass this up, I found this where I work so I got an additional 15% off, since I'm currently working on a London scrapbook, how could I say no to a Double Decker bus? I mean $1.19? Isn't that *almost* free? No? Okay well... I couldn't pass it up anyway!
Hannah played dolls this weekend and La La Loopsie just cracks me up, must be the hair!
Who do you think makes the most messes around here?

Saturday, October 27, 2012


YAY! Well we were going to spend Boxing Day and New Years together, but it's a bit easier for me to make it over to England during November, so I'm flying over the Atlantic in 3 weeks... Yay! Go me! I've missed my partner of course, but I miss my London too!
Yes, this is me with red hair. I change my hair color a lot!! It's been awhile since we were in Trafalgar Square, I think we will have to hit this joint again :)

Flying into England is so gorgeous...
And my favorite place in the World? .... Tower Bridge. It's our romantic spot, we always have lunch here, always.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why do I blog?

Because THIS is my happy place.
Let me explain that, before people start to think that I have no other joy in my life!

When I blog I can focus on the positives in my life, I can not only share them but I can remember them, I can be reminded that life IS good.

There are many negative people in my life. Particularly family. And to be honest, when you're constantly around negative people doesn't that just rip at your being? Doesn't it just make your soul weep? And doesn't it just zap every single cell in your body of all of it's energy? Don't you feel as if you have to constantly defend yourself? See, normally if I were around a negative person in general, I would ignore them... Or seriously, I would say something positive... But when it's your family you just want to take your head and let it become "one" with the wall, over and over... bang bang bang... whap whap whap!!
Onto a quick thought... Wouldn't it be cool if we could have images appear in real life? I mean we all need to EMPHASIZE our points sometimes! I need theme music like in the movies! (I crack me up)...
So Back to Negativity (Helpful hints on dealing with negative people right HERE!!)
I don't do Negativity well. I honestly don't. I need positive, I need uplifting and I need encouraging people around me. Therefore I blog. Sure... we all have a crisis in life now and again, we all have sadness and we all face tribulations in life, that's not what I'm talking about here... but I do want my life to be focused on what's good and not the bad. The bad might make us strong. The bad might make us grow. The bad might even slightly change us. But the bad can't strip of us of our true joy, if we are honest and we search our lives, there is always SOMETHING to be positive about, always something to be grateful for.
I believe that Negative people are self centered people, I believe they are unhappy in their own lives and feel they are some how entitled to something in life that they didn't receive. I believe they are so deeply sad in their hearts that they cast that negativity in the direction of others. Oh and don't believe it when a negative person tells you they aren't negative but they are "A realist"... I'm living in the real world, I know real. I know how to be positive in the "real" World.
When I live in England, I want my adult children and my family to be able to look on my blog and see the positives in my life, that doesn't mean I will never post heart aches, but it does mean that I am going to focus on the good, and when I read other blogs, 9 times out of 10 I find that others are doing the same things. I don't go to other's blogs because I want to bring them down, or because I want misery. I read other's blogs because they are happy places, filled with love. Even on their bad days, I see much love.

I blog because I want to capture the very essence and good in life.
I blog because I want to focus on the positive in life.
I blog because it makes me truly look at my own life and focus on what I want or don't want. What I need and don't need.
I blog because I want to share my children. My pride. My gifts from God.
I blog because I love people and I truly believe that people desire to be good (I want to meet these people)..
I blog because I love meeting new people.
I blog because it's my own little controlled piece of creativity and focus.

After all life is so unpredictable and blogging is a nice place to relax.

My life is in limbo. I'm at a cross roads. I haven't been accepted into a University in England yet and I have my partner of nearly 5 years there. I don't want to marry yet... But I do want to move there. My partner and I decided long ago that it would be me that crossed the pond, and I'm super happy with that! So I save my money, nearly every penny, and I wait for an offer ... I'm unable to decorate as I want, I'm unable to feel grounded or take root, I'm just in limbo sorta speak. So I NEED positive in my life!

What motivates you to blog?

Monday, October 22, 2012

What happens when dad babysits?

Let me tell you what happens when dad has the kids.We all know that trampolines can be dangerous.Well add water and then you have dangerous AND slippery.So apparently dad thought it was a great idea to let the kids play in the water while on the trampoline... of course the kids are having fun, I wasn't out there to completely freak out! Andy and Hannah also of course loved the photos of themselves air born. And in case you're wondering, dad has strict instructions that THIS kind of play is how we end up with broken bones! Mom is always the party pooper!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unofficial Wedding Photos :)

It's a very emotional day for a Mother see her child getting married, even if you say you won't cry. You cry. The hardest part not crying during? When the Bride comes down the aisle with her father and then stands there staring in to your son's eyes... and you're like... "That girl loves him as much as I do!!"... My son chose well and his new bride, my new daughter is simply divine. In all ways.
Joshua was so nervous we honestly thought he was going to pass out at the Alter, but Texas heat doesn't help and they got married at the San Antonio Botanical Garden Center, so after he took off his Tuxedo jacket and someone got him some water... he was okay. They were both nervous. They got married on their 4th year anniversary of being a couple. They looked so young to me, so innocent... and so happy! Here they are after the ceremony with the Lady that married them and greeting people.

Here is the Ex-husband and our two youngest, Andy and Hannah....
The Gardens were having a dinosaur display, so you can just imagine the delight of the children!
My oldest son and his FIANCE!!! I have another one getting married!!!! What the?!?!Isn't he gorgeous though?
And the groom... My 2nd son, the gorgeous Joshua... I'm afraid I have no good ones of my Christopher, he's 16, and the little stinker dodged the camera... BUT I know the photographer got him! :)
Hannah was so excited about her big brothers wedding that you would have thought it was her getting married! She was hopping all over the place all morning, so I have to include lots of my one and only girl... Come on... after 4 boys, I worked hard to get my girl!!
Can you tell she takes Ballet?
My girl and I.
Those red marks on my Hannah's face? Those are paper cuts, from a paper drink holder, she was putting it in her mouth while she watched TV in the van... she's a nut! Oh and last but not least... Rocco... He's our boy Schnauzer, I'm afraid he wasn't invited to the wedding... But isn't he a cutie? We don't have him properly in a "Schnauzer" cut because we live in the Country and he goes mental when he runs outside in the tall grass and always messes up his hair!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Ok. I'm working on handling stress in healthy ways. I don't smoke, I don't drink... But I do eat sugar. I eat way too much sugar. I need to find out how others handle stress as my life is full of it right now. It's just lately I seem to be getting hit in every area of life... I know it will pass but when going through trials it's not nice.... I was just on the Cadbury's website and I found this... Now this could help with stress!! ... No? Okay... Moving on...
Since no one has complete control over stress we should probably do our best not to have heart attacks.
So I did some reading....
Apparently people do yoga to relieve stress. I can't even touch my toes, much less bend in those contortions! Also having recently had a cast removed from a broken leg, I'm Leary until I've reached the 6th month mark of healing about bending or pulling my legs, so wrapping them around my ears will have to wait.
Is this guy for real??? I mean... Why? Is that stress free? That would cause me more stress... hahaha!!

There is meditation... Usually done in the quiet.
I don't know what that means, someone explain the word "quiet" please? I don't even get quiet when Hannah sleeps (she snores), and if I do have anything that comes close to resembling quiet... I have to study. Biology degrees do not show up in the mail, they take years of study... No lighting candles, closing my eyes and mumbling "ohhhmmmmmm" under my breath...

Now this might have some merit... Here are a list of foods that are meant to help with stress and naturally improve mood, when I do find myself turning to sugar, I have noticed that the high is temporary and I crash hard, wanting to crawl in my bed and sleep, usually feeling "Down"... does too much sugar do that to you? This article actually says eat Dark Chocolate. Ew. I don't like it... not sweet enough (Ironically)... Of course "Whole" foods and Tuna are on the list, as well as Saffron, I've seen Saffron around a lot lately, for headaches and mood enhancement... Chicken Curry with Saffron  it is then!

I think the real key is exercise. Exercise for mood. I'M BUSY!!! Is that an excuse? It seems I find time in life for blogging, or studying. I don't watch TV, so no excuses there... but I'm beginning to believe I make more excuses for myself than I stand up and do something about it. I'm tired, I'm stressed, I'm down... Ya... people in our lives can have a huge impact on our lives, but how much am I bringing on myself by just not taking better care of me?

How do you de-stress? How do you find time for you? When do you exercise?