Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hannah hates socks!

Living in Texas we get to wear sandals most of the year... but sometimes our very few days of very cold weather comes along... Hannah loves her boots but dislikes socks so much its almost like pulling teeth to get her to wear them! It's the seem on the end of the sock that drives her bonkers... she will whine, adjust, re-adjust and sometimes break down into a full blown cry!!! Hannah is a girly girl so she loves skirts and dresses...  We all know you need tights in the winter.
A few days ago I was so frustrated with her whining about how uncomfortable the seems on the toes in her tights were, I cut them off!
She was delighted!!!!
Such cute tights all cut up... Hannah now wears them as leggings or "half" socks, as long as there is absolutely no seem in her sock she's happy! A small price to pay for a happy little girl and mom being on time for work!!


  1. Don't you love all the little quirks our little girls have...each one has some little thing unique to them. Our Ria can't stand to have anyone rub their hands up and down the handle on the refrigerator..it just freaks her out!
    No toes in socks works for me! xo Diana

    1. I so love sharing with and hearing from you... both of our families are just so stinkin cute and quirky! I'm glad you can relate :)

  2. The stripes remind me of Pippy Longstocking

  3. Those seams can be so annoying. I love hand knitted socks, probably a bit too warm for you Texans, but lovely and toasty for our winters

  4. just as well she doesn't live in Canada then, otherwise her toes would be blue!!!


  5. So funny ... ! But the perfect solution! M x

  6. LOL-sometimes it's a pick your battle moment right? Good idea!

  7. Beautiful stripes to match girlie toes.

    Happy New Year Tammy,

    Nina x

  8. How I wish I'd thought of that when my girls were small!

  9. Interesting, if you lived in a tropical location, she would not need to worry about socks or shoes. I do happen to live in a warmer location and my three kids usually go barefoot most of the time (except for school). This is partly their choice and partly mine. I don't care if they go barefoot or wear socks inside. But, when they go outside, either the socks come off or shoes go on. My kids hate wearing shoes, so usually the socks come off. It is easier for them to wash their dirty feet when they have their bath before bed than for me to wash their socks. This has made my laundry life so much easier. The kids don't seem to mind going outside barefoot and they usually are clean after their evening baths.


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