Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess!

When I found out I was pregnant for the 5th time I thought to myself "What will I do with 5 boys?"... I saw visions of the toilet seat being left eternally in the up position ...
Then out popped my Princess. My perfect angel.
Hannah is 8 today.
Last night we celebrated with family, she got many great gifts and Mamaw made her a rainbow cake. She wanted me to not give her everything at her party so she could open gifts today. The girl thinks ahead :)
Hannah wanted to make up gift bags for all of her classmates so we did them up with chocolate, caramel and little cakes. She always thinks of others!
Hannah will have a sleep over to celebrate with her friends once we get settled in our new place.
Happy Birthday my Peanut Butter and Hannah jelly sandwich!! I love you so so so much!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Hannah. Hope you had a great party, and how lovely to have a sleepover still to look forward to.

  2. I bet those pressies were well worth waiting for. Happy birthday Hannah.

  3. a belated happy birthday to your Princess, and hope her classmates loved the treat bags, that's so thoughtful of you both.


  4. Happy Happy Birthday to sweet Hannah! (a day late). I hope she had a wonderful birthday. What a little doll! :-)

  5. How sweet- Happy birthday to your little cutie- Hannah Banana! xo Diana

  6. What a nice post :) Happy Birthday to your princess Hannah :) x

  7. Happy birthday to your princess. Lovely post. You are so blessed to have five children (and you must be busy - my two keep me occupied!) and how wonderful to have a girl after four boys.

    Gillian x


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