Monday, January 14, 2013

It's been a good day.

Sometimes... When life gets me down, and just lately it's been a lot.
But when life gets me down, I only have to look into these eyes and remember why I love life, why I love to be alive and why I'm so blessed! 

Also... When I started blogging one thing happened that I didn't know would.
I met the most wonderful women, from all over the World.... Thank you, all of you that leave positive messages on my blog, you have no idea how much they are needed and appreciated...

My Birthday Princess...

 Today after school...
 Last night at Mamaw's house...
The Apartment hunt isn't going so well, but I'm looking at Duplex's as well. And why must the application fee's be so high?? It's $110 at one Apartment I looked into... for real. Unbelievable. Please keep me in prayer, as I go about this crazy business... I do hope this is my very last move until I move to the UK. I want what's best for me and my children, the kids want an Apartment so they have a swimming pool, but I'm thinking more towards a Duplex because I will have a garden and the children can put their bikes in the garage! Being a single mom is not easy... I just want to make the right choices for us. 

Must get back to packing...
I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hey Tammy, thank you so much for your lovely comments that you left over on my blog! Very kind of you! You made my day!

    Happy New Year to you, hope it brings you everything you can wish for! xx

    P.s Happy Birthday to your little princess xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one! Hope things take a turn for the better and that you find a suitable new place soon... thinking of you! Cheers~

  3. Lovely to hear that you had a good day. Hopefully your little parcel will be with you shortly, XX

  4. Happy birthday to your lovely girl, it shall be mine tomorrow, Lucey x

  5. I'm sure you'll know the right place when you see it, I believe in fate when it comes to where you end up living.
    Happy Birthday to your girl, love her tiara!

  6. Hope you find something soon. I too believe in fate, and it will happen when you least expect it. You're absolutely right about this blogging business - I've "met" soooo many lovely people and I love getting comments which always lifts me no matter what sort of day I'm having. Just to know that somewhere in the world someone reads your story and likes what they read.
    P x

  7. Isn't wonderful how one look from your precious child can lift your spirits.
    Good luck with the new home hunting. M x

  8. I was upset not finding a place either-even had to postpone the move but when the deadline came near we happened to be driving by to look at something else down the road and I saw a woman putting a sign on the front lawn as we went past. I asked my sister to stop-what could it hurt but I felt strongly suddenly that I needed to be there. Guess what-I'm here.
    I guess what I'm saying is I get how really stressful this would be for you and hopefully when you least expect it it will jump right out at you-that will be my prayer for you and your babies.

  9. Happy Birthday to your little princess! Good luck on your hunt for a new place! It can be daunting, but I always think it is so nice to have another fresh start! Good luck to you!

  10. Happy Birthday to Hannah! Sounds like she had fun. You have birthdays close together as well, both of my children are a week apart.
    I have read lots of American books and seen films (obviously!!) but have never understood some of the words used and thought perhaps you could explain? You say that you are looking for a Duplex?? what is that and what is a walk up and a brown stone and a condo? Do any of these compare to the English terms. Basialy we have flats, houses and bungelows ( I am sure you know!!) Anyway good luck with finding what you are after!! Lizzy x

  11. hang in there, your doing well, it will all come together I'm sure! Heather x


Thank you for your positive comments!