Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Austin, Texas has banned plastic bags!
We have officially 15 days left to use plastic bags, after that. Nada.
Austin is the first big city in Texas to ban plastic and I'm ecstatic!
I've told people for years PLASTIC DOESN'T GO AWAY!! You can reuse it or break it down, but it never goes back into our Planet. Not to mention that when plastic bags do begin to break down, they release harmful toxins into our soil! I'm really pleased that Austin has gone even greener, many people that visit this city say they've never seen so many trees and such a clean city! It would be awesome to see London go as green!
February 14, 2013
I'd like to add another little note to this post that I wrote last night. When I'm in London, my partner "The Cockney" and I rarely use plastic bags. It's quite easily sorted no matter where you live or regardless if you have a car or use public transportation. We actually get a large fold up bag like the one you can get from Target in the States or Iceland in England, they fold into a small (roughly 8"x8") size and snap closed. When opened they have large long handles and you can fit many other carrier bags inside of one. We prefer these bags because once we buy groceries we can carry our bags on our shoulders and free our hands when we are using busses and the tubes in London.
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I think they tried initiatives like this is Britain in the 90s but with so many people using public transport, it doesn't ever seem to work. I don't know about Austin, but in Johannesburg more people used cars so it was easy to keep a crate or shopping bags in the car. It's not easy in UK when you have to buy yet more shopping bags because you've left them at home again and you still have a 20 minute walk home. Maybe they'll get it right one day!

  2. that's brilliant, what an inspiration! hopefully more places will follow. Heather x

  3. Great idea- You are ahead of the game- xo Diana

  4. Oh that's so cool! I wish more places would go plastic's an easy habit to keep a couple of fabric bags in your handbag :)

  5. Hope it works for you! I always take my own bags, but still end up with plastic bags. Sometimes in the shop they say " do you need a bag" and I say no, I have one here thank you and they still give me a bag. I have a little nylon one that folds up into itself, really small and keep in my handbag. When I go to town on a Saturday morning I even take my shopping trolley!!!

  6. Long Beach, CA is also plastic free. You have to BYOB (bring your own bags). Some of the other stores around are electing to do it on their own as well. I have been using my own canvas for quite some time anyway, even before plastic free started gaining traction. And, I always keep a few bags in the car, just in case I forget my usual collection! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! ! ! :) Hope you are enjoying your new home!

  7. I wish more places adopted this rule too. There was a time when our supermarkets here in the UK were told not to issue plastic bags any more but they still do. Hope you've settled into your apartment Tammy and enjoying your new surroundings.
    Patricia x

  8. Well done Austin, that's brilliant.

    I've gotten into the habit the last few years of keeping a small fold up bag in my handbag for shopping while I'm out and about. It's so handy, I use it all the time.

    Gillian x

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  10. There is such an initiative in most hypermarkets in France, I believe. You just get used to bringing your own bags and if you forget you just put your shopping back in your trolley and pack everything when you get to the boot of your car. I often do it here because I try not to use supermarket carrier bags but occasionally forget my own bags. I too have a fold up bag in my handbag: a "tomato bag" from Lakeland! I love it.

    I read somewhere that London is really polluted even though there is a congestion charge system and fewer cars, because of all the very old buses that travel throughout the city. I don't know if it's true or not, but often government decisions are not made for the reasons they appear to be made (ie they are made to earn money under the guise of saving the environment) so I wouldn't be surprised it that was true.

    In any case: well done Austin!

  11. Good for Austin! But what do people do when they go to the store? Do they have to take re-usable bags?


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