Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just in time to decorate ...

I am so blessed.
Seriously. God has blessed me with the most loving and generous people.
My surprise blessing... Helen made & sent me the cutest things!! The best part? It was on the day I moved into my apartment and I can use them all to decorate with!
I'm blogging from my phone and having trouble with linking but Helen's blog is
Helen is quite the crafter as you can see... Hannah helped to model Helen's lovely work & our new decor :) I'm doing my kitchen in red accents so these items are perfect!
The cowboy print cracked me up, perfect for Texas yet it came from England!
Thank you Helen... You're truly the best!


  1. You are so very welcome my lovely ;-) The cowboy fabric is good old Cath Kidston. I thought you might appreciate the British/US twist. Good luck in your new home, XXX

  2. What gorgeous gifts Tammy and such a kind thought. You are certainly blessed.
    Patricia x

  3. Such pretty new things-it's fun to have new when you move, such a thoughtful surprise!
    Enjoy your new home.

  4. We love the Cath Kidston cowboy print, my son has several things with it!

  5. So sweet! I love the Cath Kidston print. I love all of her stuff!!

  6. What a fun surprise! I hope you all adjust well to your new apartment and have fun decorating it. Did you have a good weekend?

  7. What a lovely surprise. Ive just nominated you for a Leibster Award! xxx


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