Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mail from England!

First I was :) Thank you so so Much Donna (At The Tulip House!!:)

I LOVE "snail" mail. Old fashioned mail, and when it comes in the form of a package, of course I'm going to double :) :)...

But then I was :(
The Post Person was a bit rough with my package this time.
This was an absolutely lovely candle holder with the words "Thank you" on the side.
I'm sad that it arrived broken but I am very touched to have received it in the first place, Thank you Donna, you made my day with mail from a special person in England... I did salvage the candles..
And in the envelope were 3 chocolate candies in the shape of lollipops... Andy and Hannah claimed one immediately and Andy excitedly said "THEY PUT CHOCOLATE ON A STICK IN ENGLAND?!?!"...
Hannah ate hers and asked "Why does England have better chocolate than us?"... (The British know their chocolate, that's for sure!!).
I'm afraid this is all that's left of mine...
Thank you again Donna... You Rock!


  1. Such a shame that the candle holder got broken, people can be so heavy handed when dealing with people's mail. I haven't seen a Granny Smith Yankee Candle before, I'll look out for that.

  2. What a fun surprise in the mail-and all the way from England-sweet.
    I hope the candleholder can be fixed-it may not be perfect but who/what is ;-)
    Have a great weekend

  3. I hate when things like that happen and I am sure Donna will be disappointed that it arrived like that. Glad you salvaged the chocolate and candles- xo Diana

  4. I am sorry your candle holder broke but it was such a nice thought. I bet the english chocolate was amazing. Hope your weekend is going well. xo

  5. Such a shame it got broken, but so nice of her to send it to you.


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