Friday, February 1, 2013


Well. Apparently I'm more of a pack rat than I will admit to. Or.... Maybe having kids just means eternal closets full of "stuff"... But but but.... If it once belonged to the kids how do I get rid of it?
Its time to let go. I have to let go. Here we go again. I've done this before. Complained about all the things I have. I'm moving into a small 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids. The boys will share a room and Hannah will be in with me. I also can't treck across the Atlantic with tons and tons of stuff! I can't handle clutter... Does everyone freak out when they move? Or is it only me?
I can sell things, Donate things... But what do I do with that 10 year old Storm Trooper with the missing arm?? My boys played with that :)
The paint is still drying but here are some photos. I'm helping tutor children tomorrow but after work we are going to start moving ... I see many many boxes in my future!!
The Cockney has been helping me collect Red Phone boxes and Union Jacks so they will look good with the black accents in the kitchen.
I'm excited about being able to sit on the back patio off of my bedroom and just read & relax... I have no one living behind me, so maybe I'll have peace and quiet, I'll feed the birds and squirrels.
Any ideas or hints on how to decorate that fireplace?


  1. Tammy- Good luck with the move. I guess I don't know where you live. Are you in England? Or are you stateside? I know, I know, I know- I missed something somewhere. That fireplace is kind of an odd placement, isn't it? I think your new place is going to be very nice though. I am excited for you-xo Diana

  2. Looks like you scored a cute little place with a lovely wide-open space behind you there! ! !

    An interior decorator I'm not, so I'll probably not be much help with that fireplace! (It feels like the brickwork should wrap around that little narrow wall area going into the window wall . . . to me anyway. :)

    I could picture a lovely decorative wrought-iron screen in front of it and maybe tall narrow buckets of fireplace "thingies" on the sides on that brick ledge. Are there any hangers above where you could hang some type of sculptural metal artwork or affix a shelf? I'd love to have a cozy little fireplace!

  3. It looks amazing already. and I'm with Willow on the wrought iron dressings. Cant wait for the next lot of pics. x

  4. Looks fab Tammy! That fireplace is at an odd angle isn't it? I agree that wrought iron would look good. Would you be permitted to hang a shelf above the fire to create a mantle? Having that open space behind you is wonderful, as you say it should be nice and quiet and I'm sure the birds and squirrels will appreciate some snacks! x

  5. Congrats on finding a place! I'd put something colourful in the fireplace like a big red kettle or logs but paint the ends all different colours. Have some fun with it. Do something crazy!

  6. Lovely new place Tammy... I know what you mean about hanging on to things, it is hard to purge, I try, goodness knows I try! Is your fireplace going to be a working unit or not, if not, you can do lots of things with it, like lovely big pot of flowers in front, some old logs/driftwood, etc., if it's a working unit, then just some useable things fireplace related, and perhaps a little bunting across the front (if it's safe)... seeing as it's an apartment, you won't want to spend a lot on it! Hope that gets your creative juices flowing! Cheers~

  7. Just having a catch up here - the apartment looks great. I like the fire place feature. If it doesn't have a working fire you could put logs, candles or fairy lights in it to make a pretty feature. Have you considered putting some things in storage? Just the stuff you're not ready to throw out that is full of memories, but you don't need to use. Just a thought.

    Gillian x

  8. I agree with all the ideas above-it is a little more difficult when renting, I'm finding, since I have to consider the landlord and ask before doing anything. I think it looks well-kept and full of light so your lucky to have found it. Are the children excited about the move?
    Have a safe productive moving day.

  9. Ooh I hope you'll all be so happy in your new home. It looks wonderful and I love all that lovely outlook and space around you. Be happy
    Patricia x

  10. Hi Tammy, that patio looks like it has fabulous potential, and the clear space beyond is just great. I quite like the fireplace perhaps you could create something nature inspired there. Maybe each child could have a memory box to fill up or maybe you could! hope all goes well, Heather x


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