Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not a good way to start the morning.

My Little Hannah is ill. So grandma was taking care of her today.
When I drove her over at 6:30am I backed up into what was a "usually empty driveway", I looked behind me on one side, but not the other and WHAM! Her truck had very little damage, in fact I could barely see a mark, but my van... Oh boy.
That will teach me.
It was 100% my fault.
It wasn't the best feeling having to get out and tell my mom's neighbor at 6:30am that I just hit her truck! She was okay about it and just took my insurance information.
Oi Vey! What a way to start the day!

Hannah, on a better note, no longer has a fever but a nasty head cold. Hopefully she'll be on the mend quickly.
I hope your morning was better than mine!


  1. Oh, Tammy- That was all you needed! What a bummer of a way to start the day! I hope the day got better as it went along. At least your little one just has a cold and not the flu! xo Diana

    1. Isn't that the truth!! I hate the flu, what a horrid illness!! When the kids get it, it just makes me ache for them. It's been a couple of years since anyone had the flu, thank goodness!

  2. That sucks! Glad Hannah is feeling better though... at least the day got better rather than worse that sometimes seems to happen! Cheers~

  3. Oh dear! Just remember that, as inconvenient as it, it's only metal and can be repaired! And your little girl is better! I hope today is a better day for you Tammy!

  4. What a crappy way to start the day but at least Hannah is feeling better. These darn colds this winter seem to last for months.

  5. :( Sorry to hear about Hanna, but it is good to hear she is getting better and it wasn't the flu. And, also sorry to hear about the accident, but thankfully it was fairly minor and no one was hurt. But, still not a good way to start a day! Hopefully, the rest of the week will be full of good news! :) Take care!

  6. Oh dear! poor you x
    I hope your little girl is feeling better now.
    love jooles xxx

  7. Oh no Tammy, how awful! I'm glad Hannah is getting better but still, what a rubbish start to the say. I hope the rest of the week has been better!

    Gillian x

  8. Oh, dear! I hope the rest of your week got better. We all have days like that. I hope Hannah feels better soon.


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