Monday, February 18, 2013

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

The last thing I'm sure anyone wants to see on my blog is one more thing about my apartment. But these are memories that I want to look back on one day, and I want them for me.

Moving is such a stressful process, in a good way, but stressful none the less... When you wake up to this especially...
Working full time means that I get the weekends to unpack and make order of things. Of course with life still happening, like laundry and chasing children! But there is order coming about and It's really nice unpacking things I haven't seen in awhile, a lot of my stuff has been in storage as I was staying at my Brother's house while he was in Honduras.

Everyone needs Music when they're unpacking.
My playlist for the day...

Of course no one would know that I even like the UK by coming into my house :)

I purchased this print when I was in London in November and I haven't bought a frame for it yet, I really need to do that though, it's turning out to be a fast favorite... I picked it up just outside of King's Cross Station.
And this is dear to my heart, of course it's a private thing, only special to me. The Cockney introduced me to the comedy serious "Only Fools and Horses" some time ago and I absolutely love it! Anyway... there is this one episode where they are in Spain and Del Boy calls his Brother "El Wally"... Well The Cockney and I had differences on how to properly say it afterwards, as I have an American accent and he has a thick London accent... so we both wrote our versions... Silly? Yes. But we all have little things in our relationships that make us smile. 
I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love English Tea, and I like these... They also blend well with my "Red" because I have to have my phone boxes about...
I completely forgot I even had these little cheese cutters, Andy asked me "Mom do you think they meant to make the knives smile?"... haha!
Do you think I have enough sprinkles? I love decorating cupcakes and cookies with the kids.
I'm a prepared woman. No matter what Holiday you throw at me :)
I have this huge box window in my kitchen and I'm slowly filling it up, I need some plants and English Ivy, maybe a philodendron as well. 
Here are some of the things I love... My favorite flower is the Magnolia and the Tea Pot set I bought in England roughly 22 years ago when I lived there. I was using the camera on my phone, so the photos aren't the best quality.
My bathroom has NO storage, so I had to buy this over the toilet shelf, only $19.99, so I can't complain.
I still haven't used this soap, it's just too pretty...
Hannah is over the moon, Her and Andy had boxes and boxes and boxes of toys, I have to go through a lot of them because some of them are getting donated. We also unpacked a lot of her clothes and we found this gorgeous pink dress, it was last years Easter dress and it still fits her! I love buying clothes for a girl :)

Other fun finds... This pictures of Nicky when he was 13. He's 21 now. 
One of Joshua's books from when he was younger. It makes me smile just looking at the cover. I'm going to save it until he has his own kids. Joshua is 20 now.
After unpacking a lot of the toys, there was absolutely NO room in the bedroom for Hannah's doll house so it's been moved to the Living room. She doesn't mind, neither do I. Children are young for only a blink of time, one day the toy clutter won't be a problem so I'll enjoy it while I can!
This, however, if a little problem... This is a lot of my craft and scrapbook stuff I haven't unpacked yet, and I have no idea WHAT I'm going to do with it all! I'm going to have to get pretty creative and organized quickly!
All in all... Things are going good, not counting these boxes, I have about 20 more boxes to unpack and then I'm finished! Yay!
Here's Hannah putting her panties on her Pooh Bear, she cracks me up... She's just my little angel.
My precious girl...
Life is good. I have children in my life, I have laughter, I have a man that loves me and I love him, I have a good job, I'm starting classes back up, I'm healthy, I'm living one day at a time. I'm happy.
And eventually, every last box will be unpacked!
Today is President's Day in the States. A bank holiday here. I had to go to work as it's a Teachers Work day, but I'm home now and loving chilling out in my own apartment! Actually, I think a nap is in order, and then maybe unpacking a box or two... "Maybe". :)
Have a great week everyone!


  1. You'll get there Tammy, as you say one day at a time. Isn't it lovely coming across all those memories too - photos, books and other paraphernalia. Enjoy your week.
    Patricia x

  2. I love all the pictures of the phone boxes. If you ever get fed up of them, let me know!!!!

    You will get there and I agree kids grow up so fast.


    by the way the spelling is WALLY!!

  3. You really have got a lot done, I think! Isn't it fun to dig out some new/old things? I used to let my kids keep a toy or two in our main living area, too. You are right- they are soon grown and gone- enjoy the time and ignore the clutter. Love the little pink dress- xo Diana

  4. Just catching up on some of my fave blogs. So glad to see you are 'getting there'. It all looks lovely so far. My little man likes to keep his soldiers in the living room ... every time we walk in there I feel as though I've been ambushed. You are such a good mum!
    M x

  5. You apartment looks great. Love the photos you put on your post! I hope you are enjoying settling in and making it your new home day by day, or should I say weekend by weekend? Jan x

  6. We went five years with most of our things in storage before moving into our cottage.

    So fun to unpack and find a special place for everything. Welcome HOME! :)

  7. Just found your blog. We, too, have recently moved and I swear the boxes in the garage are reproducing! Blogging is a great therapy in the middle of chaos, isn't it? -- Jan

  8. I was laughing at the thought of you saying el wally with an american accent! I can just imagine it! good luck with the unpacking, you'll get there. Heather x

  9. Looks like you're getting there with the unpacking, it is amazing how much stuff we accumulate.

  10. Your home is looking lovely, I'm jealous of your box window, and your daughters dolls house. Even though I moved 2 months ago, I'm still unpacking, only a few boxes left but I'll be so glad when it looks like a home and not a tip!


Thank you for your positive comments!