Sunday, March 31, 2013

Preparing for Easter!

It's been a busy weekend! We started Friday off with decorating Easter eggs, Andy thought it was a good idea (In all of his 11 year old wisdom) to write "poop" on one of the eggs and I did a Union Jack egg. All was going well until early evening when Hannah began vomiting; it lasted through the night, and she woke this morning with a fever, she's rested all day and feels tons better. I found a bit of time to get the Easter Baskets made, I always love doing that!
Tomorrow we are having an Easter egg hunt, and a traditional ham dinner with sweet potatoes and the works..
I'm on my phone which always seems to post my photos all kinds of crazy, so they may be in no particular order.
Here is our weekend so far . .
Have a wonderful and safe Easter!!
Nothing like being 11 and thinking this is hilarious!
For my dad
For Hannah
My niece hugging her egg!
Playdoh? Every kids dream and a carpet nightmare!
For Andy
This sounds so yummy. I'll keep you posted.
I got some for my daughter in laws as well. It just looks yummy!
For Krista and Joshua
Bubble Gum!
For my mom
More Yummies to bake!
So we can make cupcake chickens!
Darth Vader Eggs
Filling Easter Eggs for the hunt
Playing with the eggs after they decorated them. Kids are silly!
Stuffing Easter Baskets
Easter Egg American Style!
Mixing the egg dye!
Mixing is part of the fun!
Our favorite most wonderful Cousin
The Easter Egg I decorated :)
Boiling lots of eggs
Rae, my DIL's basket
Hannah's Baskets
Andy's baskets with Chris' behind it
Hannah's new sewing kit!
The Easter Bunny shops at Target


  1. Happy Easter! . . . to new beginnings! Stay strong, stay happy! ! ! :)

  2. Oh you have been having fun with your eggs, lovely photos. Hope you're okay Tammy. This really is the time for new beginnings and pray you find an inner strength to help you on your way. Happy Easter and God bless.
    Patricia x

  3. Such great photos, your Easter looks like so much fun! How I would love to get my hands on a Reese's chocolate egg, yum. x

  4. Hi Tammy - I have not been blogging / blog reading much recently due to illness / too much work and so I was shocked to read back through your recent posts. I am so sorry for what you have been through and so glad you have been brave enough to walk away from this vile man. I hope you can move on quickly and meet someone who can give you and your beautiful kids all the love you deserve. M x


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