Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adding lace to jean skirts.

Hannah is 8 yet still fits into some of her size 6 clothes because she takes a slim size. This skirt is a size 5!! It had gotten wayyyy too short so I added lace.
I don't own nor know how how to use a sewing machine, so this is hand sewn.
It came out so cute and she gets another summer wear out of it!!


  1. Cute idea, Tammy. She is just a doll-beautiful little girl! xo Diana

  2. It's so pretty. I bet Hannah loves it.

  3. I think that's a great idea! I used to do that with my daughters' skirts too. :-) If it was a dress, I might cut it off four inches from the bottom, put in a strip of a coordinating fabric, then sew the bottom strip back on. Your idea of the lace is a great way to extend the life and length of a skirt. And isn't she just TOO CUTE!!!♥

  4. What a great idea. The skirt is so pretty, it came out really well! x


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