Monday, June 10, 2013

My Joshua

Blogs are our own personal journey and we can come and go as we please.
There are no rules.
Blogs are for speaking the mind, renewing of the mind, for friendship and for celebrating life.

One of my reasons for blogging is to capture life so that I can share it with my friends and family that are afar. My son Joshua is leaving for the Middle East soon and I hope to be able to keep him up to date by blogging. By sharing my life with him. I miss him already and he's not even gone yet!

I saw Joshua this weekend, it had been since Christmas that I saw him, but he works 12 hour shifts and though his base is only 5 hours away, I also work full time and have the children at home to think about. It was so so so so nice seeing him this weekend, and his lovely wife of course. But it brought a lot of pain as well... and here I thought I was okay that he left home!!! It's so hard to let go of our children when they leave home. I will say especially boys, because boys... well you know that saying...

"A son is a son until he finds a wife,
A daughter is a daughter the rest of her life".

Isn't that the truth? When my oldest 2 found girls, there was no more need for mom. At all! Sigh.
Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy for both of my boys, as long as they are happy in love, then I am happy for them, and I enjoy every moment I can with them.

Here I am just whining and complaining when I still have 3 kids at home!! I say it doesn't matter if you have a dozen kids... they all hold such a very special place in your heart. No one can replace the love you have for a child. Each child is so precious and a gift from God. God only lets us borrow our children, they aren't ours to keep.

I am so proud of my Military son. He works hard, he supports his wife and he defends our Country. He's the whole package that kid! And he's only 20.

Okay enough doting on my Joshua. It will go straight to his head anyway... :)

When Joshua leaves for the Middle East next month, he will miss his first wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas and his 21st birthday. I told him we would have a huge party for him when he gets back!

Wasn't he a gorgeous baby?
Sigh... He's 6'5" now!
Once I start blogging again, I'm always sorry I left.
But I had many things to consider and think about.
Don't we all?
Sometimes we need to reflect in the quiet...
I can't wait to get absorbed in my friends blogs again...


  1. Nice to hear from you Tammy. I'm sure the time will fly and hell be back home soon.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about sons Tammy, I have two myself and no daughters.I do have a lovely daughter in law who makes sure my son visits regularly though!!
    My second son has emigrated to Australia so as you can imagine I miss him and his lovely family like crazy. I pray for your son while he is away and that he gets home safe and sound back to you all.

  3. It's incredible how time flies! Jx

  4. Blessings to your son.... blessings to your heart... all will be well! Cheers~

  5. Oh- is nice to see you here again. God bless your son-it will be hard to have him so far away. You are right about sons and daughters...totally different...but that is the way they are wired-leave and cleave.

    I hope to see you here more often. I hope you are doing okay. I often think about what you went through when you were in London. I hope you are in a really good place. xo Diana

  6. Hi Tammy nice to hear you again! Yes it will be a difficult day when my son grows up leaves home! hope I can deal with it!! Heather x


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