Friday, June 28, 2013

My very own personal Scorpion story!

There is something I absolutely hate about Texas.
The Scorpions!
I once had one in my hair..
Before I tell you the story, I'll show you what scorpions in Austin, Texas look like.
Yep, these are the nasty little critters. This is exactly the kind I had in my hair!

I had recently moved to Austin from San Antonio Texas and I was looking for a job in the Austin school district. I had a job interview lined up but the night before I decided it was spring cleaning time... You know how us women do. We get idea's in our heads... So I started cleaning the walls, with bleach water. As I'm wiping walls Hannah yells "A SCORPION MOM A SCORPION!!" There was a scorpion on the floor! In the middle of the bedroom!! I called my 16 year old "Macho, Hunting, Cowboy" son of mine to take care of it. And he did.

Anyway, the next day at my interview I was sitting and waiting to be called back and I felt something on my chest, but I thought it was my hair. After a bit they called me into the office and after a couple of minutes someone knocked on the door and asked one of the women interviewing me to step out. About 10 seconds later both women returned into the room and said to me "Ma'am there is a bug in your hair and it's not the good kind" (And I was thinking "There's such a thing as a good bug?"), I immediately knew there was a scorpion in my hair! I said to the ladies "GET IT OUT OF MY HAIR" As I froze silently stiff. At which time one of them said "We have to kill it first", I said "NO YOU DON'T, JUST GET A PIECE OF PAPER AND KNOCK IT OUT OF MY HAIR!!!"... There was still a lady behind the desk watching in awe. So one lady grabbed papers and the woman that had walked by grabbed a trash can, they proceeded to knock it out of my hair, into the trash can.

I was not stung, but I will tell you I had the willies for days after...
The women ran out of the room with the scorpion, showing others, and I didn't get THAT job, but it's all good, because I got an even better one! Or at least I think it's better.

And so that is my scorpion story!
Yee-Haw Texas!


  1. OMG. I will never complain about slugs and snails again. (ok that's maybe a little optimistic, but still this is scary stuff) I hope you don't find to many scorpions in England.

  2. Oh how awful, Tammy. I once got stung by a Florida scorpion and it stung, burned itched for days. UGH- xo Diana

  3. So exactly how big is it? And is the sting bad, like a bee sting or worse? I have never seen one so have no idea!

    1. If their tales are stretched out, the average size of one is about 4-5 inches.
      But their tales are usually up... which makes them about 3".
      My cousin and several people that I know have been stung and they say it's very painful for about 4 hours, after that it's just sore and stings and itches.
      You have to check your shoes before putting them on, that's how my cousin got stung, one was in her boot.
      Of course the worst time being in the summer.
      They aren't deadly here in Austin, but the closer you get to Mexico the more dangerous they are!
      Tammy x

    2. That makes a very good reason to move to uk!!!! I suppose hornets are about the worst we get!

  4. Aaaargh - we used to come across them from time to time when we lived in Africa , so just reading your story gave me the shudders! At least there aren't any here in the UK :-)

  5. What an awful story, that woykd hsve given me the gibbies for several months after i hace to say!! I grew up in South Africa and we had our fair share of scorpions and snakes where we lived we often had to remove scorpions from the house, but my worste was the snakes that would welcome itself to my bed. I'm still a bit iffy with snakes but thank goodness I don't have to encounter them now living in the UK. I do miss SA though!! I'm sure you have often wondered whether that scorpion was sent to make sure you got the better job in the end?! Life has its funny little ways, or freeky shall I say in this case. Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine. Enjoy your weekend xo

  6. Ooh I've never seen a scorpion before - and hopefully never will.

  7. OMG. My head itches after reading this!

  8. Yikes! I'll stick with deer ticks, thank you. Scorpions look really nasty. None of those up here, thank goodness! glad you didn't get bit. They are wicked looking creatures.

  9. Gosh, you were lucky ... I would have fainted I think. I'm so glad I live in a country where the worst things are wasps, bees, hornets and the occasional adder!! M x

  10. Oh that made me shudder Tammy, how awful for you.
    Patricia x


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