Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What we do EVERY day!

We really do go swimming every day.
Today is was 99 degrees Fahrenheit in Austin Texas! That's 37 Celsius for my English friends!
I've started doing laps as my summer "melt fat" plan.
I was really out of shape when I started, but I'm up to 24 laps. Just over 70 laps is a mile. By the end of summer I will do a mile! I don't know if I have lost weight, I'm not real big on weighing myself, but I do feel as if I'm starting to firm up. I prefer to use my clothing as a judge to how my weight is doing. I will weigh myself in a couple more weeks though.
The plus + plus side? The children love swimming as well! Hannah and Andy are turning into little fish! And the last couple of days I've brought my niece, she's a lovely girl;, she's the one on the left, I think she will start coming almost every day with us, she's having so much fun and my brother and sister in law don't mind as she's having a lot of fun with Aunt Tammy :)

Here are the little lovelies...
Since we are at the pool for about 3 hours a day I have to have something to do after my laps... So I always have my British smut on hand... Now Now... Don't judge me!! I honestly don't read these (cross my heart), but I do like the puzzles in them, it keeps me up on my British lingo as well :) I also bring my Prima and Essentials magazines. Few things are better than catching up on summer reading.
In Texas you have to have a lot of water... especially if you're outdoors. I usually freeze some water for us the night before and it quickly turns to water in this heat!
The kids kick off their flip flops and jump right in!

I try to be a positive person, actually it comes quite natural for me, I do see the good in everything. But... BUT, it's so hard for me to be positive about the grass in Texas, there are a couple of things I HATE about Texas, I hate the scorpions and I hate the grass! You can't walk in this grass, it hurts your feet, and because it's so hot, our grass dies off quickly and is brown in the summer, unless of course you water it, which isn't always allowed during droughts.
This grass... NO bueno!

My kids get a lot more cooked breakfasts during the summer with me having summers off... This is one of their favorites. I always add vanilla and cinnamon to my pancakes and they are delicious!

Happy Summer time!


  1. Tammy it's my DREAM in life to live in Texas... and as my husband works for Dell... Austin has been my go to dreamland for years :) I want to swim, hate scorpions and drink ice water everyday too! :) You'll have to keep posting "real life" Austin for me so I can daydream little more! Hazel x

  2. I can't remember the last time I swam outdoors here ... it's too cold!! M x

  3. pool everyday thats fantastic! and those pancake looks so good right now you are making me hungry!

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  4. Ooh that's hot. I don't blame you all taking a swim every day and I love the sound of those pancakes Tammy.
    Patricia x

  5. Its not that warm in the UK at the moment. Make the most of long hot summrs! Jx


Thank you for your positive comments!