Saturday, July 20, 2013

22 Years of Cross Stitch. A Work in Progress.

I'll be honest, I haven't actually been actively working on this for 22 years!! But I did start this 22 years ago, I just never finished it.
I love to cross-stitch, so why did I never finish? Well I started this when I was pregnant with my first baby, and I knew I had very little left to do on it, only a couple of more squares... And then... I had a boy, and I decided that it was just too girly, so I thought I would put it away for a bit.
 Then I had another boy. Then a 3rd boy. And then a 4th. You get the picture.
By the time I had my baby girl, and I do find this cross stitch very girly and perfect for my girl... but by that point I had 5 kids and if I had time to craft when Hannah was a baby I absorbed myself in scrapbooking. We must choose our craft wisely :)
So now I have this baby blanket, and I wonder what am I meant to do with it now? Hannah is 8 now.
Do I save it for my first grandchild? I AM WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE A GRANDMAMA!!! I'M ONLY 44!!! So I did some searching... I think I'll make these squares into beautiful pillows! I did an online search for "Pillows with Ruffles" and these are the two examples I liked the most, I'm so sorry I have no idea who made these and who to give credit to, I found them online.
Of course I'll make my own variation with some gorgeous fabrics.


Wait wha? Chores? I was supposed to be going through toy boxes?
Oh ya. I remember. Chores.

This did crack me up though, we went through a few things and we found a pile of Barbie shoes and a pile of little penguins. Don't ask, because I have no clue where those penguins came from or how they got into my house! Our 2 little piles cracked me up.

But all is well. Andy spent the morning playing with the penguins and sticking them into the barbie shoes!
Don't kids just totally rock??
I know mine do!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Some things are probably destined to never be finished! Glad that you have the British education system explained to you! I wasn't sure where to start!

  2. Your cross stitch is so pretty Tammy and they'll look lovely made up into pillows. Have a fun filled weekend in amongst your chores.
    Patricia x

  3. What a coincidence, I have a cross stitch that's almost 22 years old and also unfinished! It's a woodland alphabet and my husband looked worried when I started it as he thought it was for a nursery & said he didn't want to start a family yet - 3 children later and I still haven't finished it - not sure my eyesight is up to it now!

  4. Oh those unfinished cross stitch projects! I have several now, but for a different reason - eyesight problems! Yours are really sweet. It would be a shame not to use in a different way than planned, Tammy. Hope you have a good weekend sorting kids stuff!

  5. I love your kiddos and your attitude towards life. I didn't realize you had all those boys!!! I did tons of cross stitch years ago and I don't think I have a single piece left anymore. xo Diana

  6. Keep it for your grandkids, Tammy! It will wait another 22 years :)

  7. Yes, make some little pillows, don't waste your pretty work. I know while raising children, who has lots of craft time. Hug your children tight to you, they are growing up fast. I miss my daughters so very much. They are grown with children.xoxo, Susie

  8. That's really pretty..I like the little bunnies!


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