Sunday, July 7, 2013

All Hallows By The Tower ... The Oldest Church in London

I have passed by this Church hundreds of times, and as an American sight seeing, I never really paid much attention, because the route that we would take by this Church was after walking across "my" magnificent bridge Tower Bridge and of course walking around the beautiful Towers that accompany it.
When you walk up this way, towards London Bridge  (Not to be confused with Tower Bridge) this is the building in which you see...
When I look at this photo now, I'm completely intrigued and  I think to myself "Why on Earth would you not stop for such an old and magnificent building? Keep in mine, that when in London and the UK, there are many buildings that are old, when you first visit you're in such awe that you don't know where to begin, England is rich with history and it's not possible to savor every bit at once.
But this time... A sign caught my eye.
Wait... So there are still services here?
Yes! This is a Church still serving the community! We went inside and caught a wedding! I mean come on... How exciting!! Being married in the oldest Church in London? There has been a worshiping Christian community on this site of All Hallows since 675AD!!!

Guess who else got married here? The Sixth President of the United States of America! John Quincy Adams!! 
President Quincy was married in 1797.
Not only that... Remember this guy... William Penn?
On Wednesday nights there is a Taize Worship Service.
"Taize Worship" is a style of worship that focuses on singing, prayer, reading from the Bible and periods of silence. (My kind of service!)
All Hallows does a lot of out reach to the community and offers much for the children. Such as...

If for no other reason, this Church is worth the visit because of it's rich history and well... It IS in London! :)
When I'm in London next I'm going to catch a Wednesday evening service. 
If you want to read more about All Hallows by the Tower.. Click HERE.


  1. Wow how interesting, I didn't know any of that!

  2. I love this post, Tammy! I've not been in this church, but won't miss it next time I'm in London. How fascinating! And I love to see a church that has had a thriving Christian testimony all those hundreds of years. So amazing - and wonderful to think of God's mercy and grace being proclaimed to all - all those years.

  3. I didn't know that, Tammy. I love seeing things through your eyes. xo Diana

  4. Loved learning about the church, so fascinating and special...thank you. Big sigh of so wishing I could visit in person.
    xo J~

  5. such an interesting post, even though I visit London often, there is always something new to learnn or somewhere new that I have not been. t

  6. I know this church well Tammy and have visited it often. Another lovely one is in Seething Lane just around the corner called St Olaves which is where Samuel Pepys, the famous diarist attended regularly and where he is commemorated. I belong to the Friends of the City Churches and enjoy visiting when I have a chance. Have a good week.
    Patricia x


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