Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Lady Guinevere

I have one niece, and today is... Her birthday!
Guin and Hannah were born 6 months apart, my mom got 2 granddaughters at once after having 13 grandsons!
Here is the little lovely and myself...
She's 8 today!
Tomorrow we are going to the coast to celebrate, I haven't been to the beach in years, I'm looking forward to it.

Today is bowling day, my two young ones and Guinevere have been on a bowling league this summer, I quite like bowling but I've not actually bowled myself this year, I think it's probably the only "sport" (and I type sport as I question myself about whether or not bowling is actually a sport), okay... the only physical activity involving a ball where I can actually hit something with the ball and not have to duck because the ball is headed towards me! The children love bowling, and I love seeing them bowl!

    The 3 Amigos       

Do NOT walk into a HOBBY LOBBY when trying to downsize.
The first thing I walked in to? THIS!!! MORE SPRINKLES!
Do you know how hard it was to walk away? Remember, I have this obsession with sprinkles.
But I did it.
After I took the photo Andy asked me "Mom aren't you going to buy those?"
Ha... That kid knows me all too well.
But I am glad to report, I stepped away from the shelf.
We actually went in because Hannah has misplaced her crochet hook and she wanted to crochet yesterday, Hannah and Guin are learning to crochet. They have both made some serious chains! Hannah and Guin said they are making garland for the Christmas tree :)

Anyway, when in Hobby Lobby (One of the largest crafting store chains in the USA)
I ran into this...
If I were not moving to the UK, I would buy this, it's a candle lantern... LOVE it!
We also saw this... I mean rows and rows and rows of CHRISTMAS! I really do love Christmas, but seriously? Let me enjoy summer first!
Look at these gorgeous aisles of goodies... I got out of there quickly!

I mailed Joshua's first care package to the Middle East where he's serving for 6 months, I know there will be many many more of these going out. I checked the USPS website before mailing, and they weren't worried about drugs and weapons, noooooooo.... the main concern in the Middle East? Don't mail pork products or large quantities of religious literature! My question... "Whom in their right mind would be thinking of mailing pork to a place that has 100 degree weather and hotter??"
Of course all addresses have been removed & Inpainted for security reasons (This IS the internet after all!)

Here are the girls last night at my mom's house. Mom made home made stuffed cabbage, OH MY GOSH... My mom is like... the best cook in the world :)
I am going to be packing today, doing a load or two of laundry and listing more crap stuff on ebay. I'm actually making decent money as I down size, all to be spent on a flat when we move. It is a pain to take all of the photos and list on ebay though... Look at me whining after I said I was making money... I tell ya... What a drama queen :)... Then tomorrow, off to Corpus Christi, Texas, About a 4 hour drive, and my daughter in law will be with us; also my mom, brother, sister in law, Guin, 2 nephews, 3 of my kids... It should be good. I'm looking forward to it.
See y'all in a few days!


  1. Oh no, not more sprinkles! Haha. Happy birthday to Guinevere. I love that name. You probably know that my name is derived from Guinevere. I've always wished that were my name instead! There's a beautiful song called "Guinevere" by Crosby, Stills and Nash. How nice for the girls to be learning to crochet. I first learned the basics at about nine years old and it has served me well in life. :)

  2. Have a great day at the coast tomorrow Tammy! I love to go to the seaside, I always feel so at home there.
    Christmas in July? You've got to be kidding.....!!!!

  3. Step away from the sprinkles Tammy!!! Love the phone box, but Christmas decs already?!?!

  4. Safe trip Tammy...I hopeit's a fun filled day for all. I like seeing the girls crochet. They are cutie pies. I laughed about those tempting sprinkles. :):) Good girl Tammy. :) Take care and hug your kids today for me...I sure miss my girls being little. xoxo,Susie

  5. just catching up with what you have been up too. I have never been to a Hobby Lobby store, is it a lot better than Michaels?

  6. Looks like the girls had fun, surely you could pack some sprinkles they're only small, glad you weren't tempted by a Christmas tree, it's a little early! Enjoy the beach day. x

  7. We have a chain of shops here in England called Hobbycraft and I know the feeling when you walk through the doors. There's always sooo much to look at. Enjoy your time at the seaside and have fun.
    Patricia x

  8. I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach tomorrow with your family, Tammy. That is a wonderful picture of you with your niece. You look just beautiful. I try to stay out of Hobby Lobby because I am trying not to buy any.more.stuff. lol Blessings- xo Diana

  9. You sound is if you're having fun, Tammy, with lots of activities going on. I remember when our two girls used to crochet during holiday times in Italy. I still have one of their blankets that is very handy in the colder months there. See, I'm sentimental about many things to do with the family. Hope you can continue with your decluttering and making some money out of it! All the best for Joshua. He will appreciate your care parcel. x


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