Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Learning to Crochet

It's not going well.

My mom has laughed at my creations several times.

And bless her heart, Hannah takes my mistakes and uses them in her Doll house!

My mom showed me years ago how to do a basic chain and then the double one after. So when she "re" taught me on Sunday I *THOUGHT* I was on fire.... COUGH. Hack. Sputter.

This is what is happening....
 And this....
I'm trying to do something as simple as make pot holders, I start out perfect... then before I know it I'm crocheting so tightly that I can't hardly get my hook back through and... well... It starts to go in a point.... WAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! So I've given up. Just for a day.
My mom said I need to sit right by her while I crochet so she can show me what I'm doing wrong, she says I'm holding my yard wayyyyy too tightly. I just want to make simple things to relax, I don't want it to turn into a stressful thing! Sewing is rewarding and relaxing and so is scrapbooking... This will not beat me! Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my mom... Pot Holder, I'm coming for you.

Oh and isn't this hilarious? I saw it in this past winters Next catalog. I seriously need this, too bad it doesn't match my bathroom colors!
Have a great rest of your week, and may your toilet seat remain down!! :)


  1. LOL- Kinda funny when something that is supposed to be relaxing and "mindless needle moving" turns into a STRESS TEST! lol You CAN do it- I know you can!!! xo Diana

  2. Yey crochet! You'll get there! :D

  3. Oh no think you need some help! Go to Slugs on the refrigerator blog, she is doing an excellent crochet camp, with very clear instructions. Good luck!!


  5. I want to learn, but have no-one to show me. I tried looking at a few books, but can't quite figure it out.

  6. I had exactly the same problem when I started to crochet - my style was like 'Bambi on Ice' and my stitches were way too tight. Have you tried using a larger hook.... Jx

  7. Tammy, you do make me laugh - KEEP CALM AND YOU'LL GET THERE!
    Patricia x


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