Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matters of missing teeth

I had to take 2 children and a teenager to the dentist yesterday.

It was interesting to say the least. At first Andrew freaked out completely, he had to have 2 fillings and they had to sedate him, after it was all said and done, it turned out to be pretty hilarious, Andy was laughing and saying how heavy his feet were. He eventually climbed up in that chair and last night asked me how long he was sleeping and exactly what happened because he was remembering bits and pieces. I told him he was awake the whole time, but they also had him on nitrous oxide through the procedure so he was as happy as a pig in mud. And so was I. Having a child of 11 flip out... not a good thing! Andrew isn't a small child either, he's 11 years old (12 in January) and he's 5'5" and 152lbs.... (10 stone). Not a tiny kid!

My teenager wasn't even fazed by his fillings and little Hannah, well... She had 3 teeth removed as well! When she was just under 2 she was carrying around her Daddy's big flashlight, well she tripped and fell on it and when she did, she busted 2 teeth, later causing them to discolor, so since they were baby teeth, the Dentist went ahead and took them out, as well as another baby tooth getting ready to take it's leave! She was so brave and didn't even bat an eye! This is how she looked straight after the dentist. As you can see she's quite giddy and has Hannah Montana on in the back ground!
There was a lot of swelling after her teeth were pulled but I kept saying "Smile Hannah"... I love this new toothless grin!!!
She had to have lots of ice cream of course, and that is what you see all over her face. She took full advantage of the situation at hand :)
After the swelling went down and I was attempting to crochet, she was playing dress up. She is NOT allowed to wear make-up outside of the house, I need to make that clear. (As if she is listening or reading this... haha)... Make up is for play! For now. I do let her wear lip gloss though.
What a goofy crazy day. I needed a nap after it all! I think I sniffed some of that laughing gas! I will say though, for a dentist trip we really did have way too much fun, between Andy being drugged and having us all in hysterics (Including telling me in front of the Dentist and her staff "Mom you have GOT to buy some of this medicine, it's good stuff") and Hannah and her new gorgeous toothless grin. It makes up for my van breaking down on the way home. **** Fun now over**** My mom came and picked us up, I managed to pull into a parking lot. Nick, the kids father had a look at it for me and it turns out the rain got into some of the computer parts of the engine???? I know nothing of cars. Hopefully my van will at least make it home tonight where it can be fixed this weekend. I have to stay positive. What's the point in being miserable? It all works out in the end. Right?


  1. Oh dear - I'm not a huge fan of the dentist either.

  2. That sounds like a crazy day!! Jx

  3. Gosh what an event! I didn't know they could give you gas and air? We might need some of that soon! I have to look into it, teeth need to come out and we have been putting it off. What a brave lot you are! Heather x

  4. Tis the husband around here who is scared of the dentist. What a positive outlook you had on what could have been seen as a traumatic day. Your daughter looks so cute with her goofy grin ~ Sarah x

  5. Gummy, goofy, grins! Can it get any better? Kids are such goofballs but your lot are just the best! And how brave too... Dolly would need to be sedated for the car ride there! Hazel x

  6. So brave. When I was 7 I had 12 teeth out all in one go, but I had to have a full anaesthetic at hospital so didn't know anything about it till afterwards - then I knew all about it lol!


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