Monday, July 22, 2013

My blog IS my Scrapbook!

So ...

What's in your purse?
This is actually last years old raggy purse, I'm not buying anything new as of now, because I can only take so much to England with me.

I was an avid scrapbooker. I mean obsessed. I didn't know what was more fun, scrapbooking or collecting things to scrapbook!

But then... I had 5 kids. I started College, I became a single mom... and I'm now working full time as well. I don't have a lot of time normally, that's why summer is my sanctuary, especially being in the educational field.

When I was on Pinterest earlier I was reminded of a page that women always do, it's fun, it's harmless and we can look back in a few years and see what we were up to. The page that I see in personal scrapbooks... "What's in your purse?"... So I looked, and took photos. And Sweet Lord I have one boring bag! No make up.. No weapons (Should I buy pepper spray?)... No tickets to the latest Broadway musical! (I wish).

Just my simple summer bag. Actually my old raggy bag, I'm buying nothing new because I can only take so much to England with me.... 

The most interesting thing in my bag... Well I have this jewelry in my bag, because I have to drop by the jeweler and have my Tower Bridge charm put on this bracelet I bought in London, it's just a simple bracelet... to not take away from my lovely silver charm :)

I also have this gorgeous gold and blue topaz ring that my mom gave me because she got one with diamonds instead, I have to take it to the jeweler to be cleaned. I'm always quite happy to take my mom's jewelry cast offs!!

Here is the boring stuff... Hannah's socks are in my purse because she doesn't wear socks in the summer but she's on a bowling league and needs them, so I have an emergency pair! I also always have my hand sanitizer and hair things, Hannah has long hair and I have very thick hair and this is Texas... Hair is always going up!
My wallet of course...
Yesterday at bowling the kids got free coupons for a lunch...
My keys...

And the most hilarious thing in my purse? I was playing around with yarn, as you know I'm learning to crochet and I have been just messing around, so I made this... and I took it to the bowling alley to show my mom this creation (she always goes to watch her grandkids bowl)... and she told me it looked like a Willie Warmer. For my American friends... That's a %^*Penis*^% Warmer. I guess at the age of almost 61 my mother is allowed to announce to everyone that I made a Willie Warmer, but I honestly was just practicing my stitches... This is officially being recycled! It's a good thing I don't embarrass easy, maybe it's because of the mother I have :)
My mother is just hilarious isn't she? COUGH. not.
I want to be nosey, so I hope other bloggers share their purses, you know us ladies like to have a peek!
Currently I'm watching a live feed from HELLO! Magazine. I'm waiting for the announcement of the baby Royal. My first labor was 26 hours, I'm not going to be watching 2 police persons protecting those doors for that long! I'll tell ya! But I hope she has her precious one soon, I'm eager to hear the good news!!


  1. I might do this too, how fun! I don't really have anything that exciting in my purse, unfortunately. The "willy warmer" made me laugh! I'm so excited about the baby. My labors were endless, I can't imagine anyone hanging around if she went like me. But the baby is here now, which is really great. I hear they're doing well.

  2. When you come to England will you call your purse your handbag and you wallet your purse? Haha! Same language just a bit different! Love your crochet! What will ou make next'!!!!!!!

  3. Love your green wallet - which is a purse over here!

  4. Hi Tammy

    Love your Topaz ring :)

    A while ago you passed by my blog and asked me to 'keep you in the know' about a butterfly necklace I made...well it is now finally for sale in my folksy store :

    :) x

  5. I have no purse, I carry just what i need in my pockets. when i worked i had a purse just for work to keep in the drawer and it had all that you have and some more. it was my home away from home for my 10 hour days. nice to meet another firebug

  6. Hi Tammy, thanks for you message I had no idea I show up as a "no reply blogger" no idea how to fix that either!
    I love that you have a willie warmer in your bag - most mum's have useful things in their bags! ;) I have about 10 lipsticks and my diary & purse (wallet)- never anything the kids need - I'm a useless Mum!! And you can imagine what the "hospital watch" coverage was like over here - pretty non stop & will go on until they leave the hospital I suspect - it's a bit much!

  7. Your mom is quite the character! I wanted you to know that I've been looking through the magazines and they're such fun. Sometimes they seem like American magazines - but then I get to things like recipes, and they talk about 'courgettes.' Very fun, Tammy, and I'm enjoying them. Thank you so much! BTW, I want an old phone box too. Wouldn't that be just the greatest thing!

    I would disclose the contents of my bag, but it's mostly a billfold, sugarless gum, cough drops, pens, Carmex, lipstick, and other odds and ends (usually old receipts that were quickly stashed there as I was leaving a store!)

  8. Brave soul you are, sharing this! My purse isn't so organized. My purse is also a diaper bag, so you never know what you will find in the bottom... cheerios, matchbox cars, candy wrappers, sippy cup, pacifiers, and {gasp} a bagged dirty diaper! (quit judging me. stop it.) I don't know that I would ever have the courage to share pics of all that on my little blog! ;)

  9. Tammy - In my handbag is my senior citizen bus/tram pass, which can take me far for free, so very important, my library card, which gives me access to an endless supply of free literature and, of course, door keys, my 'purse' for money, bank cards etc., i.e. the item that you call 'a handbag' in the US! Then there's usually a pocket digital camera or two, mundane things such as comb, handkerchief and chewing gum, my diary and pen. My bag has side pockets for an umbrella (important in the UK)! and for a water bottle (important in hot weather and in a hot climate such as Italy)!


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