Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My first Mug Rug

My mom showed me the basic stitch but I created the lettuce edging myself... I'm going to make a matching mug rug before crocheting a few in other colors.
I also want to try my hand at quilting a Mug Rug as well... But one thing at a time!
It looks a bit catty cornered now that I look at the photo, but it's not, it's straight, I really enjoyed making it, and I'll try different size needles and yarn... eventually, as I get better. I've only been crocheting a few days!
Oohhhh and then there is the cotton Afghan for my bed.... ooooOOooo and the Quilt... I really do get ahead of myself... So many crafts. So little time!

Wasn't the Prince of Cambridge just gorgeous?!

Kate looked amazing! Any woman that has given birth to a child knows how sore you are the day after, bless her she walked around like it was 2nd nature and THEN hopped straight into the car! My bottom hurt so badly I had to sit half on my hip for a few days!! Kudos to Kate for braving that intrusive mob of reporters, now she can hide out with her baby for awhile and get to know him. I bet she's completely hands on and only uses a Nanny if she absolutely has to!!
Well done Catherine!


  1. Kate looked great didn't she. The news was on here but the whole time the cameras were pointing at the doors of the hospital waiting for them to appear!....I love your mug rug, very clever! there will be no stopping you now! Your mums comment about the 'ww' was funny too.....! Heather x

  2. I'm so happy for the Royal couple too and very relieved to hear they managed to dodge the media going into the hospital. Childbirth is stressful enough without having to deal with flashing camera lights.

  3. I think the news about the Royal baby is wonderful. Love the mug rug.
    I am trying to master a ripple blanket but I'm not doing too well. It's been undone at least 5 times! So I'm not picking it up until I've got someone with me who knows what they are doing. x

  4. He he a mug rug ... loving the frilly edging ~ Sarah x

  5. Tammy, You did a fine job. You could use the rug for many things.xoxo, Susie

  6. It looks perfectly straight to me. It's really pretty and I love the colour. Gosh, your comment about sore bottoms has brought back the hideous memory of mine! Ugh! xx

  7. I think it looks great - I really like the colour. Jx

  8. It looks really nice. You did a great job!

  9. Well done for your first attempt of crochet....xx

  10. Ooooo! That's lovely! You're crochet's coming along so well!

    (I was glued to coverage of the royal baby all day yesterday waiting for them to leave hospital and get a glimpse of the baby, I finally gave up at about 7pm and popped out to the supermarket before it closed, and missed them coming out! Sooo cross!)

  11. Hello again! Thanks for your comments and questions on my last post. Just to explain a little.... The Cotswolds are actually hills that give their name to an extremely pretty and rural part of central England. Because everything is so small scale over here, they are probably around 100 miles from central London (on the Oxford side). The pretty villages with their buildings of the soft yellow Cotswold stone are a major tourist attraction.

    As far as the job goes... In the UK teachers are employed by the school (even in the state sector) so sadly there's no chance of a transfer. I frequently wish that I could pick up my school and move it some 10 miles to the west!

    Have a good day! Jx

  12. Very nice mug rug! I agree, Kate looked amazing!
    M x


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