Friday, July 5, 2013

My hairy scary story

This is my hair.
This was my hair... 2 months ago.
I had very long hair.
My birthday was May 5th, 2013, For my birthday my mom took me to the salon to get my blond hair turned "Ombre", I wanted red at top, a strawberry blond and then... blond at the bottom.
I was there for 7 hours. When the beautician was blow drying my hair after coloring she stopped and said to me "I'm really not liking this color"... MY HAIR HAD TURNED A DIRTY ASH GREYISH BROWN COLOR!! In some spots, anyway. So she said she was going to recolor.
Again. I sat.
When I went out the door, this is what I had... I was pleased with it, and I thought it was a pretty fantastic birthday.
But alas, this color only lasted about a week, my hair went back to that dirty ash greyish brown in the middle, I didn't want my hair colored again, because I already bleached it I was sure that it was ruined, So... off it all came. I had about 8" cut off of my hair.
I wasn't happy. By far. I had been growing out my hair a long time.
So now I have it just to my shoulders. It will grow again, I keep telling myself!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Oh- I have had some awful things with my hair, too, with processing. Even at my age I like my hair longer...mainly because I look AWFUL with short hair- xo Diana

  2. Yes hair grows again!
    I love red English phone boxes too!
    Thank you for visiting my place and for your friendly comments!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I know what you're going through I had the same problem with my hair a few years ago. I have now got it back to the same length as yours in the photo but it is so lifeless. I'm going to have a radical hair cut on Thursday to see if that will do any good. Hope you are happier with yours now. Enjoying reading your posts. xxx

  4. Oh no! Why can hairdressers never get it quite right? What a dreadful experience, you put so much trust in them and assume that they know what they are doing

  5. Oh how awful! There is nothing worse than coming out of the hairdressers feeling like you want to cry. My hair is long and I haven't had it coloured for years, partly because I hate how long it takes. I hope you're happy with your hair now. x

  6. You poor thing! I did hair for 16 years and I can't even begin to imagine the stress and tension that was coursing through your veins the second go around...let alone when it faded out after such a short time...not fun, but you sound as if you've conquered all and have hope for the future...thank heavens hair does grow!
    xo J~


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