Thursday, July 18, 2013

Should I become a Minimalist?

THIS coming from the girl that believes a girl can never have too many shoes and if you like the shoe... You should have it in every color!

THIS coming from the girl that also loves crafts and if I don't have a *WIP* going then I am buying crafts for future use.

This is a girl that believes you can never have too many books!

But then... THEN, I took a look around, and not counting the toys that are in storage, my children had 5 toy boxes full of toys the start of summer. I went through them, I donated a lot and they ended up with 3 toy boxes.

I'm so tired of stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

A few weeks later, here we are again.
Hannah has played with her dolls, but not much else.
It's ridiculous, to buy things and they just sit.
I know children don't play with every toy every day, but it's been weeks.
When My older 3 were younger I remember them always emptying out the toy box and it was always having to be cleaned up, they played and enjoyed their toys. But Andy and Hannah... not so much. Technology has much to do with it.

I'm not taking all of this to England with us. So I'm going back through again, this time with Hannah and Andy's help. THEY will decide what will be donated, what will be sold and what they think they can't live without. They don't need 3 toy boxes full... Even if they can  leave some with their dad.... Remember... 3 boxes of toys and I'm not counting toys in storage and their toys on the shelf... or the doll house... Enough is enough. It's just STUFF.

Yesterday we started with the Doll house, today it's the toy boxes.
Sometimes I wonder if I buy this stuff secretly for myself... I do love cute little tiny things. And I loved having Barbies as a child. But that makes no excuse for having 15 Barbies!

Here is what we are keeping from the Doll House...

Okay Okay.. So I love this doll house... But it really did need a good clean out, just like our real houses... Hannah didn't need 2 refrigerators!! :)

Hannah isn't feeling her best today, so she will just lay on the bed and I'll be doing the digging in the boxes, we were meant to be crocheting with my mom today, but that will wait until tomorrow, she needs to be better! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my ... I do despair of all this stuff everywhere. If it helps the older they get the less stuff they accumulate, it just seems that the stuff they do have becomes more expensive! Good luck with the packing ~ Sarah x

  2. I know it's tough to purge it all out, especially with kids that want to keep EVERYTHING, but it'll feel so good after you do it! Plus, I can tell you right now that unless you've got enough money to rent an enormous flat, you won't have enough room for your stuff. We sold 2/3 of what we owned before we moved and took the rest to a 10x10 storage unit in town. We only brought what was necessary and still didn't have the room we thought we would. It's worked out fine (I know you've seen my post about how we had to get creative with storage) but I def recommend getting rid of everything you can!


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