Monday, July 8, 2013

When all else fails. Use a toe!

Hannah has this thing for anklets. My mom bought her a cute one with her name engraved on it, but it's way too big, so she's taken to making her own.
I was sitting next to her and Hannah says "Look mom I can do it by myself"... She was braiding yarn and decided that the best way to hold it was to tie it to her toe!
She's hilarious!
I Love this girl so much!
When all else fails... Make do!

Aren't kids awesome?


  1. I think its a brilliant idea! Our kids are nothing if not inventive.

  2. She won't stick fast. I bet she's good at Maths with her problem solving abilities.

  3. She's a resourceful one, isn't she? :o) Lex loves making friendship anklets and bracelets, too!

  4. Love this! :)
    This is how my oldest daughter and I make hemp jewelry.

  5. she could be a potential thrifty crafter with that level of inventiveness.

  6. I like her creative solution! Jx


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