Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to school in Austin!

I LOVE this time of year!

I get to meet the students tomorrow that I'll be with this year.
I'm only tutoring/teaching Math and Algebra this year. Very excited about that!
I LOVE Math!
I love buying school supplies and school clothes.
I like meeting the new teachers that my children will have.
I love the excitement that my children feel.
AND... The start of school means a break in the blasting heat of Texas (by the end of October), also HALLOWEEN! I LOVE AUTUMN!

I love the smell of erasers, glue and new books... Books especially!
OOooooohh and pens and sharpened pencils! :)
I promise myself to only buy what was on the list. (I usually buy extra art supplies as it's so cheap this time of year but I'm downsizing)...  Though I love buying school supplies.. (I like to see all the new office and school supplies... I'm weird, I know), but I have to say, that these school lists take the Mick a bit, as some of the supplies are actually for the teacher! The school supply lists are getting longer and longer. Parents are even told not to mark the supplies so they can be shared with other students! It's not that I mind sharing, but I'd like to have some sort of say in the matter. So I bought Hannah and Andy a few little things that they only keep in their backpacks, that way they always have supplies for homework when they are at my moms before I pick them up, as there is an hour difference from the end of their school day and the end of my work day.

Here are the supply Lists of just Andy and Hannah. I don't have Christopher's yet.
Fifth Grade Supply List

Back pack (No wheels)
1-- 3" Binder 3 Rings
4 packs of white copy paper (For Teacher)
5 spiral notebooks
1 package of reinforcements (white circular hole protectors)
1 Turquoise 2 pocket folder for art
1 - 2 pocket folders (any color)
24--#2 Pencils (already sharpened)
1 hand held pencil sharpener with catch (no electric)
4 pink erasers
2 red pens
1 black sharpie
1 box of 12 colored crayola pencils
1 package of washable markers
1 highlithers
4 glue sticks (no liquid glue)
1 Fiskar scissors
1--12" ruler (centimeters and inches)
1 pencil box
2 packages post it notes (2 7/8in x 2 7/8in)
4 Black dry erase markers (For Teacher)
1 box of kleenex
12 oz bottle of Hand sanitizer

Third Grade Supply List

3 packages of #2 pencils (preferebly Dixon/Ticonderoga)
2 red pens
7 wide ruled notebooks (2 pruprle, 2 red, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 blue)
2 composition book notebooks
2 packages of wide ruled loose leaf paper
2 large erasers
4 glue sticks
1 ruler with centimeters and inches (no folding rulers)
6 pocket folders (2 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, and 1 purple)
1 pair of fiskar scissors
2 packages of colored pencils
2 box of 16-24 count crayons
1 pencil box
1 box of quart size Ziploc bagies
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 backpack
1 pack of white printer paper 8 1/2 x11

So we have everything packed in bags and backpacks and Hannah is counting down the days until the first day of school! My girly is in a dual language class, she's 8 and I'm so happy that she is learning another language at such a young age. Hannah is taught in Spanish 3 days a week and English 2 days a week. She's also in advanced math. I hope that Hannah continues to love school, I do, so maybe it will continue to rub off!
Andrew thinks school is more of a place to socialize and finds that "learning thing" a bit of a nuisance!! Then of course there are school clothes to buy, no uniforms in Austin public schools... Just regular every day clothes. After 4 boys, you can't blame me for really loving pink and frills, and lucky for me "For Now" she doesn't mind me buying lace and girly things... However, my little banana is developing her own little taste and she has decided that Neon is cool (I had enough of that after Wham in the 80's) and she loves sneakers now... SNEAKERS?! So this year, it was a twist of Mommy and Hannah taste... Here are a few of mine and Hannah's favorites.

My favorite outfit... I would so wear this if I could get away with it (And my rear end was A LOT smaller :)
I love lace.

Hannah's Favorites...
Hannah loves her sparklies!

 Andy isn't into fashion, give that boy a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and he's a happy guy!
We found him some great shirts at $5 (if you buy 10) each at the website 6 Dollar Shirts. He had fun picking them out, he loves Dr. Who and Minecraft and he has a great sense of humor for an 11 year old.
I'm all done with school shopping!!
It feels so good to be back in the swing of things, up early, to bed early, working, organized, and on a schedule. I function better when I'm busy.

The one thing that I do miss is my blog hopping, I absolutely love to read blogs, I know I say that a lot but I get to see the wonderful things that people make, I get to take walks in England, I get to try new recipes, I laugh with other moms and get to travel the world, so much is gained and enjoyed from blogging and reading blogs. I will make time in my evenings and especially my weekends to catch up. I think a lot of us will be getting back to being busy.

Boy did I love my very lazy summer though
We slept in, we went for swims, we came home and watched movies, we crafted... I didn't get to go to London this summer like I wanted, but my kids dad is working out of town at the moment and I didn't want to leave for 10 days without their dad with them daily.

I'm thinking November will be a good time to catch up with Tower Bridge... Anyone up for a cuppa?
(Seriously... ).

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. It sounds like you've been busy! I agree with you, I love to buy school supplies but I get annoyed with the teachers' lists. I only have one child so far who needs supplies (my younger one goes to a private preschool where they provide everything, but I do pay tuition). The lists are nuts, though. And it's mostly to share, of course. I know what you mean about buying girls' clothes; since I had the boy first, I know how exciting it is to buy the girly stuff! She's my little dolly. :)

  2. You've given me that back to school exciting feeling just reading this post. I love all of your daughter's outfits she is going to look great! Julie x

  3. Wow - you've got quite a list to sort out there! In the UK all the stationary is provided by the schools. The parents still have to deal with an epic uniform list - including specialist PE kit. It's interesting to read your lists and compare it to the things my pupils normally carry around! Jx

  4. There's nothing like Autumn and I love it too. I do the school run every morning for my two grandsons and can't wait to start again in another week. It gets me into a routine which I love. As you know I came to the end of my studies around the time the boys' started their school holidays, so I REALLY had a double wammie of getting out of routine. If you're coming to London in November then I'd definitely be up for that cuppa. Just let me know and I'll be there - seriously.
    Patricia x

  5. Oh wow! Tammy... you are so organised... aaaaahhhh! I have the schools list done but as for clothes... oh my! Caitlin goes to the ONLY non-uniform school in our whole county so she needs new threads! But her birthday is next week so I'm holding out to see if my family, who have been heavily prompted, get any nice new outfits as she's gone passed the "toys" stage.

    If you are going to be in London in November, let me know when... seriously. I can fly over ;)

  6. Tammy I have a confession to make, I am rubbish at Maths!! I could do with lessons too!

  7. School doesn't start here in Canada until the day after Labour Day.


  8. Gosh! What a palaver! You need to get so much stuff! In primary schools you don't need any supplies and in senior schools you just need your own pens, pencils and calculators. Oh and they all need to wear uniforms, some schools have great long lists and others are not so bad.
    Yep! A cuppa in November sounds great! See you on Tower Bridge!

  9. Oh! I forgot to say that I was watching TV last night, there was a programme about swarms of animals and they showed the bats coming out of the bridge in Austin! Thought of you!

  10. Sounds like another busy time in a different way from your Summer vacation weeks. We had to change our plans re. going to Italy so that we were around for the grandchildren, but that's all right because their welfare comes first. It's nice to have some new school equipment for the start of term and, of course, here in the UK it's the school uniform and sports equipment that needs to be bought which gets very expensive for everyone especially those on a budget. (Our grandchildren have to wear specialist uniform that can only be ordered from the school rather than from a regular high street clothes department).

  11. Oh I need to know what size shoes Hannah takes and if she's willing to share?? The blue boots with pink laces are my favourites.....
    You have so much stuff to buy for school, it's so much less here until they get to college, I guess we don't realise how lucky we are.
    Enjoy your new class, good luck!


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