Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I can't afford it!! Organic Meat...

I just got back from the grocery store.
I'm trying SO hard to buy organic food for my family, it's insane expensive though. We have been drinking organic milk for about 3 months now and that is a huge chunk of change. 2 Gallons of 2% milk cost $11.
I have 3 children and we go through a Gallon of milk a day in the summer and during the school year about every 2 to 3 days. I looked at organic cheese today, I bought some to try, 6 little sticks of snack cheese... Nearly $4.
And Meat? I literally can't afford organic meat. So what do I do? Feed my children meat full of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides? Here in America. Yes.
Organic fruits and vegetables are probably the cheapest of all of the organic foods, but still pricey. There are certain foods that I don't worry about buying organic, like oranges and bananas... even pineapple, because of their hard shells there is no need to worry about ingesting pesticide, however there is that huge problem of being earth friendly... This is all about to drive me nuts. Should we all pack up, move to a cave and raise our own cows and chickens?

Please forgive my attitude problem today. I'm trying to do the right thing here, perhaps none of us can do it all? Maybe we just all have to pick a few things that are really important to us and stick with those. I can't afford organic meat, but I can "just" afford organic milk, so instead of stressing, I think I'll just do some serious investigation of the meats that have the highest levels of nitrates and wipe those off of the list. I can see reading, a lot of reading in my future. I actually did a very long term paper for a class once and it was on organic foods and "Are organic foods better for us?"...

What I did discover was some pretty horrific information about our milk and cows in the United States. Because I don't have that paper in front of me at this very moment, I don't have any sources to quote, but I will find them, as I've just jogged my own curiosity again. For instance ...Did you know that regular milk has traces of blood, extra estrogen and antibiotics in it? Extremely unhealthy and NOT good for women and pre-pubescent girls, guess where extra estrogen is likely to store in the female body? In fat. Where do women have high areas of fat? Their breasts. Where is a lot of cancer found? The breast. This is the main reason I will not drink regular milk, nor will I give it to my children, especially my 8 year old daughter. These facts can be found online at reputable sites, but as I said, consider these to be in my own words as I do not have resources available at this time.

I have always believed that knowledge is power.
So if you have the time, educate yourself on these matters.

Onto a happier note. I did more crafting (Happy dance).
I made my own envelopes out of extra scrapbooking paper that I have. Why?
Because who wants just ordinary old bleached white envelopes?

I also upcycle envelopes, but I haven't for awhile, so more on that later. The bird papers make me especially giddy :).
These were extremely easy, but time consuming.
I just unfolded envelopes I already had (and yes recycled them after) and traced them onto the card-stock and paper I was using. Easy Peasy. I didn't use regular glue, I used something a bit more sticky. I don't want these things coming apart if a little bit of water hits them. Or in extreme heat (Like in the middle East).

Then fold, fold, fold.
But I suggest using a ruler to help fold a perfect straight line. If you're anything like me, I can't draw a straight line to save my life, much less fold one :)

All in all, I'm quite happy with the results, I probably wouldn't have even thought of doing this if it weren't that I'm mailing a lot of letters these days, my son being in the Dessert and all. I made some "manly" envelopes that will be soldier approved, nothing frilly in the barracks!
This 12x12 cardstock paper is from The Paper Studio, 60 paper pack, "DooWop & Diddly Wink" ($20)

And the girly ones are for my own personal use, don't be surprised if you see one in your mailbox! I like to send out RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness).
This cute paper is from the 8x8 Colorbok, 50 sheet pad called "Hootenany" Designer Paper ($5 only!!)

The weekend is fast approaching, too quickly actually, I'm not sure where Monday and Tuesday went. I think it's because I know that summer is coming to an end, and I'm trying to hold onto every last second, no more lazy days of summer... Soon the crisp wonderful goodness of Autumn will be here and I'll be back in the classroom. However, I LOVE Autumn, it's my favorite time of year, but I still never want time to go too quickly! Have a great rest of your week...

Tammy x


  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year too! Love the envelopes!

  2. The envelopes are really cute! I hear you on the food costs. I buy organic when it's reasonable to do so but I don't worry about it very much. I know there are some things which are more important to have organic than others, maybe look up one of the lists (I know they have these for produce) and see where you can get away with conventionally-grown items that aren't considered too risky.

  3. Organic food is so expensive, Tammy. I don't know how you do it with kids. Those envelopes are darling and I love Fall but am not quite ready to give up Summer yet- xo Diana

  4. Tammy, I am right with you on the state of food in the US. I am a vegetarian and buy most of the food I don't grow myself at the Farmer's Market. I try to buy organic as much as I can to avoid GMO's and chemicals. It's kind of ironic in a nation with soooo much, we have so little good "real" food.

    I buy very little pre-packaged food. Most of it is manufactured for the sole purpose of enlarging the pockets of the massive corporations behind them. They spend billions creating/finding additives that make the "food" taste good so you eat more, without a thought or care as to it's nutritional value or what it is doing to our bodies. They spend billions to prevent the mandatory labeling of exactly what is in our food, fighting listing GMO's, etc.

    Of course, I don't have children, so it is easier for me, but . . . if you do as much as you can to limit the nasty stuff in your diet, it is better than doing nothing . . . right? :)

  5. Tammy I am in the same boat as you.. we try our best especially for the kids but it's so dam expensive! We have opted for free range and our local farmers market. We buy our meat from a local butchers who use local farms that raise free range animals...

    It's all locally sourced so maybe see if you can find a farmers market that will help, it's not cheap but it's a lot cheaper than organic.

    I also love autumn, not my favourite season but I do love the change of colors and the crisp morning air! Hope being back at work isn't too stressful... think of the extra pennies! ;) Have a great day my friend, Hazel x

  6. Organic food is so expensive here in the UK too. I grow as many of the vegetables we eat as I can and that helps keep some of the costs down. I love the envelopes you made, they're guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the recipient before it's even opened.

  7. Yup, with you on the crap that goes in our food but really can't afford organic. We do have an allotment, though, which is doing quite well this year. Lots of spinach and beetroot this year. I love those envelopes - what a brilliant idea. I'm definitely tempted to try doing my own. xx

  8. Tammy, I understand what you are saying about our's scary. I saw a dr. on Oprah once.. he said this is a good measure to eat by...if your grandparents would not reconize the food not eat it...such as gogurts.. I just try to trim fats and are so right eating healthy, it is too expensive. You could get free range eggs and cook with them a lot...but then there's the cholestrol.
    I love your envelopes. So nice. xoxo,Susie

  9. Organic food is expensive over here too. I don't know about meat as I've been vegetarian for 22 years, but I have heard that the US allows lots of additives that are banned in Europe. Perhaps you could try to eat meat-free one or two nights a week to keep costs down a bit.
    Those envelopes are so cute.

  10. Organic is pretty expensive here too. I always buy organic carrots as I read that they are one of the worst for taking in chemicals and nasties. I always buy free range eggs from a guy who lives just up the road. We make some of our own bread and have meat free meals at least twice a week. BUT it is hard ... there are other things that I would love to change but it is just too expensive. Luckily I have a husband who loves to cook and always cooks everything from scratch so at least we have very little processed foods. You can only try your best and it sounds as though you are doing just that!
    Love your envelopes too!
    M x


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