Saturday, August 17, 2013

It really is SO easy and Doggie trouble.

It's so easy to up-cycle a jar.

I know so many of you do this already, but I love mason jars and baby food jars that are up-cycled, they are just so cute... and with a bit of lace... it adds just a touch of elegance in the home!

I'm a complete tree hugger, and the more I read about fracking and our lack of water. The more hugging I do!
My lace kept slipping while it dried, so I made sure it stayed in place! Love these little clips, I got 6 of them for $1 at the dollar store!
Lace, jars that were used previously... and now I have "Memory Holders".. The dried flowers in these jars mean a lot to me, the little blue one was from 2005 when my oldest son went to his first Spring dance, he dressed up and put this flower on his shirt.
And the Mason jar holds flowers from my son Joshua's and Krista's wedding last October, one of the flowers were given to me to wear on my dress and the other flower was given to Hannah, Joshua's only sister. I will keep them forever.

Maybe I'm too sentimental for my own good. But that's who I am and I embrace it!
I also wanted to share what Hannah gets up to on a daily basis. I will organize a closet and walk into the bedroom to see this... I love to see her play, but when she leaves it on the floor for me to clean up? Oh no... I'm not the maid! So I will go into the Living room to have her come clean up her mess, only to find she's made another mess in another room! She's a little tornado. But I'd much rather see her playing with toys instead of being in front of the TV or a video game!
She truly is my little angel and I love her so much... My Hannah Rose, she's 8 1/2
I also want to show you the biggest trouble maker of our family... This is Rocco.
Technically he's Christopher's dog, he's a wheaten pure bread schnauzer and since Chris works a lot during the summer and since he's always either on the hunting lease or the ranch his dog is with me and the kids. When Chris is here this dog is an angel, through and through, but the minute that Rocco realizes that Chris is gone for a few days (When Chris works construction with my Uncle he stays over his house during the week because it's easier for him to get to work), anyway... Rocco will lift his leg and pee on everything! That dog has peed on brand new toys and I've threatened to find him a new home if he peed on one more thing! And then Chris will come back home for a few days and he's back to being an angel. I just don't get it. Unless Rocco has such extreme separation anxiety that he misbehaves. I don't punish Rocco when he does his wees because I never catch him in the act, I just get out the vinegar and baking soda and pray it doesn't stain and stink! And the crazy thing? It's only the bedrooms that he goes after... I adore this little guy but... He has just about cured me of wanting to own a pet!
And on a very fattening end... 
I made these Reeses peanut butter balls, and they really do taste just like a reeses peanut butter cup, they are no bake and they are so delicious and rich that when you eat them you feel like you're doing something wrong! haha! I will share the recipe in the next couple of days. For now I want to catch up on my blog reading, I've not been on the computer for a few days and I've been doing everything from my smart phone, which has just about done my eyeballs in!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Tammy x


  1. Your little jar is very cute, and so is the puppy, we have got a new dog and she was peeing on everything also but I think she is out of that now, can't wait to find how to make your peanut balls.

  2. Those jars are just the thing for holding your memory flowers, such a wonderful idea. I remember the days of having toys all around the house. I agree that it's far better than being sat in front of a tv, and it really doesn't take long to tidy up all the mess. Poor Rocco, it really does sound like he's got separation anxiety, I don't know what to suggest.

  3. A great and easy way to pretty up a jar!

  4. What lovely jars they're super cute. I know what you mean Lilys just the same you clear oneess just to find her making another. How I love her though wouldn't have her any other way she always makes me smile. xxx

  5. Hey we have the same Willow Tree figure! My mother in law bought it for me when I had Olly. It's very special to me, as she passed away two years ago. She was a very special lady.

    Lovely post, your little girl is very pretty. Love the cheeky smile!!

    Leanne xx

  6. Love your little lace jars, and love Hannah's creativity too. Poor little Rocco, I do think he's missing his dad - maybe get a fun toy for Chris to give him when he's home and play with, and then leave that with Rocco when he goes away again. So it's their special thing.
    Or whenever he pees outside where he's supposed to, immediately give him a little treat and lots of praise & cuddles. Then he'll associate the two and want to go outside instead of inside - hopefully! Worth a try if you haven't already :-)
    Hugs xx

  7. I love your pretty jars, what a nice way to recycle! :)

  8. We don't have reeses peanut butter cups in England, but I have read about them and wondered what they taste like, so am really looking forward to you writing about the recipe. Julie x

  9. The jars look really sweet with the lace. I have some Willow Tree figures too. I keep them in my hutch. I think I have four of them, plus a Christmas ornament. Your PB cups look awesome!

  10. Oops. I don't know what happened here! But I just wrote I think I'm going to like coming to your blog! The jars are wonderful -- what a fun way to make a gift and fill it! I have oddles of lace so I may well be in trouble!

  11. The little jars are gorgeous and I love how you keep all the special little flowers in them.
    Rocco looks cute enough to get away with anything!
    Your girl really is a little angel. I love how my 10 year old little man will still happily play for hours with his soldiers, his cowboys or cars too.
    M x

  12. I do a similar thing with glass jars and give them as gifts to family and friends, filled with sweets or biscuits and sometimes use them as memory jars. I'm not sure if I've seen Mason jars here in the Uk though and just use old jam or fancy coffee jars. Yours look lovely.
    Patricia x


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