Thursday, August 15, 2013

London 80's style!

I am a pre-autumn cleaner.
I feel as if things must be "Done" before school starts back. After all we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be organized for!

Throw planning a move into the mix and I've been going through EVERYTHING! If it didn't move I went through it, cleaned it, sold it, donated it and/or organized it!

I have 5 large sealed plastic boxes, one for each of my children, full of their favorite clothes, toys, art... and I'll put photo albums in them soon as well. These will be put in storage for years, maybe they will go to the children of my children... Who knows but my young men children don't show a lot of interest in things from their youth yet. Actually... the oldest is 22 and we all know that's only a fraction past youth! One day these memories will mean something to my boys. Until then they are safe and organized.
I feel so... relaxed now that I know everything has been purged!

Oh. Bonus ... I've made around $500 just on my "Downsizing" efforts. Mostly from brand new clothing in my closet. I shall resume being a clothes horse when I live in the UK :)
Whooaaaa doggies Tammy you're meant to be minimizing your life!! Stop thinking of a future with every shoe in every color!!

One of the items that survived my manic organizing streak was this jean jacket.
I bought this jean jacket in London in the late 80's. This jacket was £100, 23 years ago. I don't even remember where I bought it but I remember it being near a popcorn shop back then that sold all flavors of popcorn... even sour cream!

It is made from a couple of pairs of old Levis, I adore Levis but what sold me was the jacket is reversable with the inside of the jacket being made from an American flag... or more like flag looking material! But back in the 80's it was very controversial to do anything with the American flag except fly it on a flag pole!
I liked to push the envelope back then with style and clothes. I'm a lot more conservative in my dress now, but this is just a piece of my past I won't let go of... just yet
Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. I think you should hang on to the jacket, it holds lots of memories for you. I have boxes of things which I've put away for my kids too. Daniel isn't interested at all at the moment, but Eleanor likes to look through hers to see what's there.

  2. Your kids will thank you at some point in the future for keeping their memories safe.... Love that jacket it is soooo 80's ~ Sarah x

  3. Yes, at some point in the future your kids will thank you for keeping these memory boxes! I too have a couple of 80s items i can't let go of.

  4. Wow, that is some jacket! A collector's item for sure. I remember those popcorn places in the 80's; we had one in the mall when I was a kid. I only went once or twice, but I remember buying pistachio-flavored popcorn there!

  5. Definitely hang on to that jacket! It's nice that you keep all your children's keepsakes. There will come a time (probably when they have their own kids) when they thank you for it. x

  6. Tammy, I hope when your young men are older, that they will be so happy you safe part of their childhood for their children. I know you love your jean wild 80's child.:):) I hung on to one I wore for years. Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo,Susi

  7. You must keep the jacket. I still wear the denim jacket I bought in the 80's. It was from Gap. I love it.

    I keep all my boys stuff too. I know that they will love looking back on it one day. Maybe with their own children.

    Leanne xx


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