Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sugar Rush

Today was a very lazy summer day, in fact, I was so lazy, I fell asleep...

Or maybe the nap was a sugar induced coma!

Last night Hannah and I whipped up some carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes
Today we invited Guinevere over and we decorated them! (I always like to clarify that this is PLAY make-up on my daughter, my 8 year old isn't allowed to leave the house with make-up on!)
Even Andy joined in. I told him his hair looks like he's a baby chicken :)
We made little yellow chickie's (Using up those sprinkles y'all :)
The kids weren't happy about the eyes, as they are black licorice jelly beans, I told them the chickens needed eyes for a photo! They were okay with it then...
We made monkeys too, sock monkeys to be specific, but someone told me it looks like a bee, I can see why he thought that, but it's a Monkey!! Or ... Well... It's MEANT to be a monkey! 
The ears and mouth are "Nilla" wafers
Guinevere took the ones she made home... She was more interested in licking the frosting instead of the cake itself! She likes sugar! Like her Aunt Tammy!
I think the kids did a fantastic job, and they had fun, which is all that matters!
Only 2 more weekends and I'm back to work, so tomorrow I feel like I should take the children out and do something, but we have had heat advisories here in Austin for the last few days and the heat has been well over 100 degrees every day (37 Celsius), I dislike being out in that heat and the kids won't even play when it's that hot! Maybe the pool will be okay. We'll see... I have errands to do tomorrow, so after that, I'm sure I'll want to jump in water! I really shouldn't complain, my son Chris has to work in this heat!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh the cupcakes look so cute and it looks like the kids had lots of fun making them too!
    M x

  2. Making cakes and biscuits is a fun way to keep the children happy. We have our daughter and son coming to stay so the cousins will enjoy doing things together. I'm sure there will be some cooking done as everyone likes that activity. Perhaps we shall go to the coast? Have a good day whatever you're doing - it sounds very hot there!

  3. So sweet ... hehe .... Guinevere what a wonderful Arthurian name. You all look like you had so much fun ~ Sarah x

  4. They look fab and I can see the girls had fun decorating them. It's lovely for Hannah to have a cousin the same age, my niece is 25, ten years older than Eleanor.

  5. The cupcakes are really cute. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

  6. What cute munchies you make! I thought I was the only sugar addict out here in blog land; I am quite addicted to candy!


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