Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Terry's Fabrics And a teeny bit of Upcycling.

I found Terry's Fabrics in the UK through a web search and they asked if I would like a free sample of fabric and if I did to choose 2 or 3 fabrics from their site, they would then mail samples out to me to create with.

HELLO... WHAT? FREE FABRIC??? Oh heck yes!

But when I mentioned I was in the States, I Thought I would get the shoot down... but nope, they didn't mind shipping Internationally. Well guess what I got in the mail yesterday? Whoop Whoop! Not only Free... but GORGEOUS Gorgeous fabric!
 Eeeeeeeeeeee.... :) I love mail!
Here is what I received in the mail, I chose these patterns to use with the cross stitch that I stitched 22 years ago... It's Here... Cross Stitch WIP.

I love a bedroom in blue toile, so I have been collecting bits and pieces to do a whole room in Navy blue toile, Navy blue Gingham and English garden patterns for some time now, these pieces will come with me when I move.... These will go perfectly with the Window Valances and Sheets I already have.
 This Gingham looks a lot more dark in the photo than what it actually is.
Now this one... This one I just fell in love with and had to have, It's beautiful, I can't wait to use it! I see a pillow and a frame in this fabric's future! (Oh and there IS that cross stitch).
As my friends and family know... I've been sick, like lay on your back and moan out loud... SICK. Fever and the works, (Hey if you're going to do something... do it right!)... But yesterday, I felt great, after 2 days of antibiotics I sprung out of that bed like my life depended on it and headed straight for the crafts! I did a lot of crafting yesterday, and I also got to some of the jars and coffee cans I've been putting aside.

I hate throwing away things. Seriously, I'm not talking hoarding or some sort of odd mental illness. I'm talking about our Planet. I have educated myself a lot on what we have done to our Earth, I was interested in being kind to the environment long before it was trendy, I've been a "Friend of the Earth" for a long time. But just lately, over the last couple of years, I have realized how much I'm hurting and not helping. I'm trying to get plastic completely out of my life... THIS IS NOT EASY. I use it for storing food... But I'm slowly moving to glass storage. As glass is so much easier to recycle, and plastic Never... NEVER goes away... Plastic can be broken down, but it doesn't go away. It's horrific stuff. So instead of throwing things in the landfill, or sending them to be recycled, I try to use what I can at home, if I buy a jar and I think it's cute, I reuse it. Even if it's not cute, I've been making a lot of coin banks for the kids, (We make it a game to see who can save up the most) and I also decorate containers for storing non-edible goods in.

This jar had organic tomato sauce in it. I thought it was cute, so I'm going to store something in it, I don't know what... But I'll think of something. For now, I think it just looks cute on my shelf. When washing labels off of jars, it can be a ***** PAIN in the rear... But soaking and scraping or just covering over them works. I used "Paper" wrapping paper from the dollar store and a paper ribbon, I also covered the top of the lid that had writing on it.

 I think most things look better with a bow (My military son may not agree :)
Maybe the red gingham and bow isn't your cup of tea but there are so many papers and colors, as you know... Many things can be used to keep as much as possible out of our landfills. To do our part in reusing and reducing.
This Is a plastic Jar that I "confiscated" from my mom ... I needed a place for my paper scraps, this jar was perfect. 
When I glue labels on or when making banks, I always use paper that can be recycled and mod podge.
 Nothing fancy for this one... It's going in the craft closet! I didn't even bother trying to get the original label off of this one, as I'm using it for storage, I did completely wrap over the old one though. I used paper from The Paper Studio line "Doo Wop & Diddly Wink" 60 paper pack.
Works for me!
I always feel better when I feel like I've done something, anything for the Planet. I seriously feel ill when I see people throw plastic bags away. Plastic bags kill wild life and choke the planet... Horrific things. I'm so glad they are banned in Austin, Texas! 

Have a wonderful week, It feels great stretching my legs in blog land again, I'm now off to nose around and see what all of my bloggy friends are up to :)


  1. Oh, how I agree with you about recycling and not buying stuff in the first place. But it is hard, no matter how much I try, I always end up with loads of plastic bags. I always take a fabric bag out shopping! I took some photos of my recycling system the other day, must write a post or two! Thanks for your lovely comments, my sister loved her cake!

  2. Tammy I think most people would agree with you. I do try and recycle as much as I can too. The plastic mountain is ever growing though and what I dont understand is why manufacturers dont use more earth friendly products for packaging.
    P.S. what lovely fabrics and you got them sent free too!! Amazing!

  3. Wow Tammy that fabric is lush and free too :) I'm big on recycling I always use my own bags at the shops never carrier bags and reuse as much as I can including fabric for my faeries ... Saving the planet one button at a time lol :) x

  4. So glad you're feeling better Tammy. You are right about recycling, and how wonderful that plastic bags are banned in Austin. Jute bags are much more popular here in the UK than they used to be, but there are still millions on bags going into landfill.

  5. Oh I love your fabric, I'm fancying a big gingham check skirt at the moment and yours has inspired me...lovely, can't wait to see what you make with them xx

  6. Gorgeous fabric, Tammy. What's not to love about toile and gingham? I've got the exact same floral fabric or at least something very very similar. I love how you've decorated those jars, you clever thing you. Glad you're feeling better.xx

  7. Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. I'm looking forward to seeing all your fabric projects. Jx

  8. Nice fabrics, lucky you! I upcycle jars and bottles all the time. Sometimes I make crocheted cozies for them. :)

  9. Thank you for visiting me the other day. YOur ideas are amazing...love the jar cover idea...I have oodles of little bits of wallpaper I could use up. You asked what photo editing I used..its picmonkey...so fun to play around with. Hope your summer is going well xo

  10. Glad you're feeling better Tammy, I love that plastic bags are banned in Austin - I don't think that happens here.

  11. I LOVE these little projects! I remember making envelopes out of cardstock! So fun!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment and for following!


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